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How to speed up the streaming of movies on Windows PC

speed up Movie streaming 1If you are reading this article, it means that happened to you too to watch a movie in streaming in jerks. Here is a trick on how speed up the streaming of films on your PC. Video streaming is the easiest and fastest way to watch a film, of course respecting the copyright, because this allows you not to waste time to download a video file on your computer, while many are easy to see directly online. This allows you to save data and storage space.

In this article We have published a list of the best sites to watch streaming movies, and browsing through these sites, I noticed that the video streaming was very slow or jerky, so I looked for a solution to speed up the streaming of movies and I found a trick that can be useful to many . So, in this article I would like to explain to you the trick I used to speed up the streaming of movies on the Windows PC.

How to speed up Streaming movies on Windows PCs

  • First of all, go to the favorite video streaming site you usually use and open the video you want to watch instreaming.
  • Once the video is loaded, simply right-click on the video, a menu will appear and then click on the option Settings …

speed up Movie streaming 2

  • Once in the option Settings, check the box Enable hardware acceleration, and click on the small folder that appears as an icon.

speed up Movie streaming 3

  • After that, use the slider to increase or decrease the size of the local memory. This affects the download and streaming speed of video, so be sure to lock the scrolling cursor onunlimited.

speed up movie streaming 4

all. After seeing how to speed up the streaming of movies on PC, you can go back to your video and start watching it faster.