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How to prevent Google+ contacts from sending us unsolicited emails

For several days, Google defaults to all contacts of Google+ to be able to send emails directly to our Gmail inbox, and vice versa. This latest attempt at privacy violation. Do not worry, if you do not wish to receive emails from Google + contacts, the way to disable this feature is given and we will explain it to you in this guide.

Log in to your Gmail account and go to the settings page.

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If your account has already been updated by Google, go to the option Send email via Google+. If it does not appear, you will surely find it in the coming days.

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<p dir=Going to the drop-down menu, choose if and how to receive emails. For example, by anyone on Google+ (default option), by extended circles, by personal circles or by nobody.

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I advise you to select the latter option, so that the emails can only be received by the people to whom you have given your e-mail address, and not to anyone on Google's social network. After changing the setting, click on save and you will be safe.