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How to move app on SD card on the Galaxy S7

Despite being a high-end smartphone, Samsung has equippedGalaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge with only 32 GB of internal memory. The company offered higher storage variants in the Galaxy S6, but only needed the memory expansion slot. By now this problem has been overcome with the new Galaxy S8 and later versions. In fact from this version the new devices are all provided with internal storage, much larger. The problem remains for those who still use a Galaxy S7 and have internal space problems. In this case there is no need to despair, because the luck of the owners of this device is the presence of external memory via SD card. This makes it possible to extend the internal memory consistently.

Since the microSD card on the Galaxy S7 and GalaxyS7 Edge, Samsung felt it was a sufficient reason to not offer higher storage variants. Worse still, the company has decided not to support the implementation of the function Adoptable Storage arrived concurrently with Marshmallow. Initially this led to the belief that there was no way to transfer apps to SD Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge.

move app to Galaxy S7 SD cardEven if 32GB a non-negligible space, certainly not enough once you decide to install apps that require a lot of memory, like some games like Asphalt 8 and Call of Duty. But even the photo archive takes up a lot of memory if they are not placed in a cloud archive. Fortunately, Samsung proved wise enough to decide to include at least the SD slot on the latest Galaxy. This has become a safety valve, in the sense that you can move apps to SD, freeing up useful space for other more important data.

How to move app on SD card on the Galaxy S7

If you need more space on your S7, the process of moving apps to SD doesn't really make it easier than other Android devices. This is why most users of the Galaxy S7 don't even know how to activate this procedure, which also improves the performance of the phone if it is as full as an egg.

So, even if you don't know the procedure to move the Galaxy S7 app to the external memory SD card, I invite you to read the instructions below, which will allow you to move apps to the SD card of the Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge.

This you will find in the guide a step by step procedure that will allow you to configure the Android device and free up the internal memory of useful space. Let's find out how.

Step 1:Go to Settings -> Storage, click on"Internal memory"->"Used space" followed by "App".

move app to SD Galaxy-S7-storage

Step 2: From the list of applications that are displayed, click on the name of the application you wish to move to the external memory, consisting of an SD card that you have already inserted in the slot. Remember to insert the SD card before starting the procedure, otherwise the device does not see any card and does not proceed.

Step3:You can see that under the heading "used storage"The voice appears"internal memory "with the "buttonEdit"Below. Click on this item, select the SD card from the window that opens, and then finally click on "Move". Depending on the size of the application, the whole process can take from a few seconds to a minute or two.

move app to SD on the Galaxy-S7Once the process to move leapp to SD Galaxy S7 completed, in the "Storage used"Appears"External storage", Which means that the application now resides on the microSD card. You can do this procedure as many times as you want by transferring the game apps or other very cumbersome ones.

What else do you need to know to move apps to SD card?

The procedure is completed and you will have the app on the external memory, for there are a couple of things to explain and you need to know to better manage the process by setting leapp on SD Galaxy S7. First, moving an app to external storage is not the same as moving the same amount of space that is freed up on the Galaxy S7's internal memory. This means that some application data will continue to reside in the laptop's internal memory. Secondly, if the memory card is removed when the phone is switched on, all applications whose data resides on the memory card will stop working. In this case you will need to switch your phone off and on to make the app work again.

Furthermore, the unpleasant aspect of this whole affair, that not all apps can be moved to the external memory. The decidedly reduced number and only the data used by the applications. Those that can be moved will appear in the app list as seen in the previous steps.

At this point it is advisable to purchase capacious CARD memory so as to free up as much space as possible from the smartphone. If you don't know which memory card to buy, I suggest you read this guide that will help you in choosing the best and best performing SD card.