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How to make money by shopping

I learned about a method that allows you to earn real money simply by shopping at the supermarket. All this is possible thanks to our smartphone (either an Android device or an iPhone) and a free app designed and created by the company Ubiq Lab, a spin-off of the University of Parma, which deals with studying and implementing innovative marketing and data processing solutions for the major brands of the Italian industry.

The app in question is called T-Fruit and can be downloaded for free both from Google Play Store that fromApp Store. If you are curious to understand how the service works and you want to know how to make money by shopping, continue reading the article.

How to make money by shopping

The idea behind the operation of T-Fruit very simple: the app offers a catalog of products that, if purchased, gives you the opportunity to redeem a voucher. For example, if you buy a can of Nutella receive a fee of 0.50. Through the application you can browse the entire catalog, which is updated about every three weeks, and add to the favorites the products you would like to buy, with the possibility of seeing in real time how much you could get if you purchased the stored products.

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After shopping, through the functionality Receipt present in the app, you need to take photos of the receipt that contains the products in the catalog of T-Fruit. The receipt is sent to the servers of T-Fruit and analyzed for product verification. At the end of this phase, if products sponsored by the service have been recognized, you will be asked to read the bar code of the product to show that you have actually purchased it. After a short check, you will be charged for the product credits.

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The very simple operation and, in case of problems (for example if a product you have purchased is not recognized), you can request assistance on the receipt and you can send a specific request.

The credits you earned are stored in a virtual account and at any time you can request that they be credited to you via a bank transfer, PayPal, with a bank draft or you can donate them to T-Fruit.

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At the moment the service offered by T-Fruit present only in supermarkets in the province of Milan, Modena is Rome, but on the official website it can be read that soon it will be extended throughout Italy. To consider also that all the shops and supermarkets (currently only those present in the provinces mentioned above) are compatible with the service of T-Fruit, which means that if you shop at small shop under the house you can request credit on items in the catalog.

If the first time you have heard of this service and you live in one of the provinces where you are currently active T-Fruit, I suggest you to download the app that advises you on how to make money shopping, and start scanning your receipts. If you already knew the service, I'd love to hear your comment.