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How to install Apps not available on the Play Store in your country

Have you found an app or interesting game on the Play Store but you can't install it on your Android device because it's not available in Italy or in the country where you are? Within the Google Play Store there are several apps available only in certain geographical areas, but fortunately it is possible to bypass this territorial limit. If you don't know how to download e install App not available in Italy, read on to find out how to install non-compatible Android Apps in Italy on your smartphone.

A geographical limitation cannot prevent us from using interesting apps for our work or for free time, so we started to find a solution that allows us to download these apps onto our phone. With this guide we want to suggest a simple process to download the apps not available on your country's Play Store.

Not sure how to install Apps not available on your country's Play Store?

install App not available on the play store

Did you find the right app that solves your problem but you can't install it on your smartphone because you're in the wrong country at the wrong time? It often happens and in most cases the method to solve it is not known. If you also have this problem, don't worry, you won't have to move to another state to download the app. You can still use the application making your device believe you are in a different place than where you are. Such as? You just need to install a simple app. No Root permissions or complicated procedures to perform on the device.

Here is the final solution: TunnelBear

Do you want to find out the best procedure to install App not available? You need to download a simple app. The application in question is called TunnelBear and available for free on the Google Play Store. You can download it by clicking on the link below.


It is one of the easiest to use and functional Android VPNs currently in circulation and does exactly what you expect in this case: make your smartphone believe you are in a different country than you actually are. In this way, you can easily download any Android app, even the one not available on the Play Store in Italy or in other states.

To use the application, all you have to do is register by email, entering your name, email and password, select the country in which the compatible app is and confirm the connection request.

You will have 500MB of data available for free right away, and you will just need a Tweet to get to 1GB. However, if for some reason you need more data (maybe because you have to travel several times or download more apps), you can still buy a monthly subscription at the price of 7.57 euros or yearly at 53.09 euros.

How it worksTunnelBear

Before we understand how this app works, let's briefly look at this as a VPN and how it works.

VPN (Virtual Private Network) indicates a Private Virtual Network a sort of private and protected corner within a large public space known as the World Wide Web. VPNs function as a group of private networks connected to a public network, which require authentication before a user can access the Internet. Being also secure networks, they are able to block access to any user outside the VPN who wants to acquire data, control the exchange of files and / or information or hack the system.

To return to our application, the first thing to report is that the service offered byTunnelBear multiplatform, in the sense that it is available for different operating systems such asWindowsisMac. But also available for mobile devices likeAndroidisiOs. We tried the app for Android and I must say that done very well, simple and fast to use, with a very accurate interface. That's enoughClick on the server to which you want to connect and in maximum 5 seconds(both from desktop and mobile)the VPN with TunnelBear will be created.

install Apps not available TunnelBear

Very simple operation, you have toDownload the app, log inand you will immediately see the map on which you can selectto which TunnelBear server you want to connect to create your VPN. Within alone5 secondsand you will be connected to the desired server. At the bottom of the screen, you are shown the remaining amount of MB for the current month. You will see that this value will be continuously updated.

Safety first

TunnelBear pay attention to your privacy using the256-bit AES encryptionand theOpenVPN protocol is IPSec / IKEv2.This makes the networkVPNactivated withExtremely safe tunnelbear.To make the connection even more secure, theDiffie-Hellman keyfordon't risk man-in-the-middle attacks.TunnelBearalso provides the serviceVigilantBear to guarantee protection even in the most vulnerable moments,when you are connecting and disconnecting from a serverTunnelBear.Among other things, you also protect yourself while using one public Wi-Fi networkpreventing someone from intercepting packets transmitted from your computer or smartphone to the router.

Finally, to ensure maximum privacy, TunnelBear does not report your IP address and does not track any activity you perform online while connected to this VPN.

You need to navigate incognito on the Internet without leaving any trace of the sites you visit on your smartphone or tablet? Then you will be pleased to discover that even on Android you can activate incognito browsing. Find out how to do this by reading this guide.