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How to install apk on Android devices

Google Play Store the easiest and safest way to download applications on an Android device, but sometimes there are reasons for which you may need to install applications from other sources.Oppuresei looking for that specific application that just can't be found on Google Play. If in searches on alternative stores you can find an APK file that interests you, you can still proceed on your device ad install apkfuori from the Android marketplace.

After finding the APK file you are interested in, it is not obvious that everyone is aware of the procedure to install an app on an Android device that does not come from the official Google Play Store. The purpose of this guide is to help you install apps off the Android market and set up the device to accommodate these applications.

How to install apk on Android devices

Configure the device

By default, the phone settings are not designed to accept this type of application, because they are not officially recognized by Google and therefore do not guarantee its genuineness for security reasons. The reason therefore very clear: the APK are applications not controlled by Google, but distributed directly by the developers, directly or through other alternative markets to Google Play. Among these, there may be some apps containing viruses that could infect the device.

So to be able to install them on the device you need to change the initial settings and authorize the phone to install apps off the Android market. Also there may be some slight variation between various device models, let's see where to find exactly this setting on your phone. I tell you right away that it is usually buried within one of the security menus. Here's where to find it:

  • Go toSettings.
  • Then inSecurity and lock screen. On other devices this section could simply be calledSafety.
  • Check it out "Allow the installation of apps from unknown sources?As shown below.

install apk outside the Android market

By selecting this function, you will be able to install the downloadable APK files outside of Google Play. Be careful, because after giving the consent, you are often asked to allow the installation of files from unknown sources, while in reality it is only an attempt to install fastidiosipop up. The phone system becomes more vulnerable and therefore, when asked if you want to allow the installation of an app only this time, or if you can always install them, choose the first one.

Of course, it's safer to only allow individual installation unless you need to install a series of APK files. After installing your apps, remember to go back in the menu and change the settings again by deactivating the previously activated function, so you can be sure of not accidentally installing spam and pop-ups.

The risks you take

There is a reason why the ability to install APKs from unknown sources disabled by default: a lot of trouble to download random APKs from the Web and install them on the phone. It might seem contradictory to provide a guide on how to install apps from outside the Google Play knowing that you can take risks, for this important to be aware that the applications you are downloading come from trusted sources.

The effectiveness of the virus-virus has long been the subject of discussion, but in my opinion it might be useful to have one on the Android device. In this case, you often scan the applications before installing them, so as to have another potential form of defense.

If you leave the option of installing all the unknown applications activated by default, be careful, because it is important to know that you are opening the port to any infected or harmful malware applications that are installed in the background without even realizing it. If you disable this feature by default, you can only allow APK file installation on a case by case basis, greatly reducing the risk of finding yourself with unsolicited applications on your device.

Downloaded install APK

It is essential to know the source where you download an APK file. Let's take a simple example, how to download and install WhatsAppfuori from the Play Store. In this case, WhatsApp provides its own direct download page that you can visit on a desktop and then transfer the file to your phone. Or, you can visit the site from the phone's browser (which requires the version of the desktop site that you can activate from the browser settings) and then download the APK file directly on your device.

Once downloaded, you can check your files between the apps and select the downloaded APK file. By clicking on the file, the installation process is started and, if necessary, you will be asked for permission consents to download this app.

Many applications cannot be downloaded directly from the site of the issuing company. In this case, we recommend that you check and select trusted markets such as APKMirroro from others. From these sites it is possible to download manually controlled applications that use the same digital signatures, as with applications on Google Play.

There are so many methods fordownload incompatible apps on Android and use them normally on your device. In this guide you will discover some markets where you can find apps that normally are not compatible on your Android smartphone.