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How to increase Apple account ID security

News circulated constantly on the violation iCloud account of famous Hollywood estars, with the consequent theft of many personal photos if there have been many, with the consequence of an evident violation of privacy with subsequent publication of the photos. Apple immediately started his investigations and wanted to let the servers know iCloud were not violated, the VIPs who used unsafe passwords were the only ones. So, important to know how to increase security Apple ID account, let's see how to do it below.

Through a brute force attack (From Wikipedia: The method strengthens a problem solving algorithm that consists in verifying all the theoretically possible solutions until one finds the actually correct one.) it was possible to obtain the password with subsequent theft of their photos. If you want to increase the security of your iCloud account and avoid these unpleasant problems, here are some tips you can follow.account security Apple ID 4

How to increase Apple account ID security

During the creation of a Apple ID It is mandatory to enter a password that must be at least 8 characters long and must contain at least one number, a capital letter and a lowercase letter. It is highly discouraged to use simple passwords, such as abbreviations of your name, important dates or anything that can be obtained simply by accessing your Facebook profile.account security Apple ID 3

Passwords consisting of symbols and numbers without a precise logic are much more secure. Should it be difficult to memorize your password, I recommend an excellent password manager compatible with all mobile and desktop operating systems, 1Password.

Non-trivial security questionsApple ID account security 2

Setting up a security question should not be a trivial operation. Enter answers to questions that many may know not recommended, as it would be very easy for an attacker to get the answer and steal your password. For this reason he uses questions with an answer known only to you (and trusted people). If you have not set a security question, you can do so by accessing your Apple ID page.

Verification in two stepsaccount security Apple ID 1

The most secure two-step verification exists to protect yours Apple ID. It consists of checking the identity of those who want to access your account from a location or device that has not been registered or recognized by Apple.

To verify the identity, whenever you try to log in from an unregistered device, Apple sends a code to the devices registered in the Apple ID (and therefore deemed safe). Therefore, unless the hacker does not have your own device, without the access code he cannot access the accountIDApple.

To activate two-step verification, log in to yours Apple ID via this link. Now in the left bar select the item Password and security and finally follow the directions to activate the verification in two steps. I hope this article has been helpful in increasing Apple account security and protecting your privacy.