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How to export slow motion videos from iPhone 5S to Mac

ios_7 slow

One of the novelties of the new iPhone 5S the ability to record video at 120fps in slow motion. The very simple operation: after recording the video at 120fps, through the editor of iOS 7 we can choose which part of the movie to render in slow motion. The only drawback that if we transfer the video to the Mac, the slow motion sparir effect. In this article I want to show you how to work around this problem, and create a video in slow motion directly from Mac. The only requirement is to have recorded a video at 120fps and transferred it to the Mac.

  • Start the application iMovie on the Mac (pre-installed on all Macs)
  • Now select from the top menu Archive -> It matters -> Video clips.. and look for the video you have transferred to the Mac before


  • Create a new project of iMovie (** Archive ** -> New project), select No theme and subsequently Create


  • Drag the video (previously imported) into the iMovie storyboard and divide the video into three parts: an initial part, the central part to which to apply the slow motion effect and the final part
  • Select the part of the video to which you want to apply the effect and select Clip -> Slow Motion -> 25%

Now wait a few seconds for iMovie to apply the effect to the portion of the video. Now all that remains is to memorize the movie by selecting Sharing -> Export movie.