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How to download Torrent files and how to use them

The P2P(Peer To Peer = equal to peer) a protocol that is used for transferring files over the internet via applications BitTorrent. To use a torrent program to download files from the internet, you need to search for the file you want to download as a torrent, open this file with the program and use BitTorrent technology and then wait for the download of the requested file to complete.

Illimitepi evident of the P2Pthrough BitTorrent the absence, in most software that uses such technology as for example uTorrent or Transmission, of an integrated search engine that allows to directly find the torrent files to be downloaded. This limitation forces us to browse the Web first to search for the torrent file that interests us , and then open it in the application that uses BitTorrent.

How to download Torrent files

The other specification to do to understand how to download torrent files that have long been neededaccess most of the torrent sites using a proxy server, that is, a server acts as an intermediary between us and the torrent site, as most of these sites have been blacked out in Italy. Many services have been created on the internet that make proxy servers available in a very intuitive way: in fact, simply access one of these sites, enter the address of the obscured site in Italy to which you want to access and confirm.

How to download Torrent files

To better understand the procedure on how to download Torrent files which may seem complicated (but actually not), let's take an example:

  • Please search for a specific torrent file (which is nothing more than a file with a torrent extension of a few KB which, once opened with the relative program, will indicate where to go to download the file indicated) on the site (the most used site for torrent distribution).
  • Let's go,that a site that provides a Proxy Server, and will be directed to the site where the torrent files are contained.
  • If otherwise you want to visit a torrent site without using a proxy server, the browser would not display anything and would return an error.

Below we will analyze the indispensable tools to help us understand how to download Torrent files from the internet; first we see the client programs, below we list the torrent sites for the distribution of torrent files and finally we suggest more sites that make Server Proxy available.


To see how to download Torrent files here we list those that are the best software needed to download content from torrent sites, available for any operating system.

  1. utorrent(Windows, Mac, Android, Windows Mobile 8.1, 10).
  2. qBittorrent(Windows, Linux, Android, Mac).
  3. Transmission(Linux, Mac).

Torrent sites

The most popular torrent sites are: Italian torrents)

Proxy sites

Proxy sites for accessing torrents from Italy can also be found galore. The most popular are:

If you have other suggestions on how to download Torrent files or you have difficulty using the services that we have proposed in this article, you can write to us using the comments you find at the bottom of the page.