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How to discover a private number for free

discover an unknown number

How often do you happen to receive calls from a anonymous number and never managed to find out who it was? There are people who enjoy making anonymous phone calls, or call centers that for commercial reasons call continuously with a private number. It is a real nuisance to receive these phone calls but not to know first who on the other side of the phone is cellular or landline. From today this will no longer be a problem, as it will present you some completely free solutions for discover a private number on your phone and reveal the identity of the phone that is calling you.

Not always who calls anonymously a call center, many of the times a person known also who uses the system to hide his own number. Obscure your number when making a very simple call, that's why many use it. When making a call, it is sufficient to prefix the number you are calling with the # 31 # code followed by the phone number, and the call will be anonymous, that is, the caller's number will not appear.

Thus, many use this method to avoid being recognized. But how can you find out who is on the other side of the phone when you receive an anonymous call?

How to discover a private number

There are some methods that allow you to reveal who is behind an anonymous phone number. They are not always legitimate phone calls, because sometimes they can be considered real harassment, or threats, or forms of extortion, therefore classifiable as criminal offenses. By following this guide, you can finally discover the face of your caller who wants to hide his identity, regardless of what you tell yourself. The proposed solutions are completely free, discover the most valid methods.

How to use the free Whooming service

discover a private number whooming

The first method I want to tell you is a free service that callsWhooming, and works on all telephones or smartphones of any telephone company, without any limitation, which allows you to know who is calling you with the private number, be it unknown or anonymous.

  • The first step to perform is to register for free at the service of Whooming via this link. Click on Sign in entering your e-mail address and you will receive an e-mail containing the access password. With this you will be able to access your profile Whooming.
  • Now you will need to enable your mobile number by associating it with the service. Click on "Add number" and follow the procedure on the screen for configuration.
  • At this point it is necessary to activate the call transfer to the numbers that are provided by Whooming.Dial on your phone a code that is different for each operator. Here are what they are:
    • Tim: ** 67 * 0694802015 #
    • Vodafone: ** 67 * 0694802015 #
    • Wind: ** 67 * 0694802015 #
    • Three H3G: ** 67 * 0694802015 * 11 #
    • Fastweb: * 22 * ??0694802015 #
    • Tiscali: * 240694802015 *

While for the fixed network the following: * 22 * ??00390694802015 #

After configuring everything, whenever you receive anonymous calls, it will be sufficient to reject them by clicking on the red button on the phone. This will activate call forwarding to Whooming.

To view the name of who has called you anonymously, there are two possibilities, and it depends on whether you have purchased the paid service or use the free service. With the paid one you will immediately see the number of the anonymous caller through the receipt of a text message or email. If, on the other hand, you use the free service, at the end of the day you will receive a report with all the phone numbers that have anonymously called you during the 24 hours.

How to discover an anonymous number with Truecaller

The second method for discovering serial offenders is another service called Truecaller. It is a free app for iOS and Android that allows you to reveal the jammer's phone number and block numbers from call centers. After registering for the service, anonymous calls will pass through the Truecaller app and after refusing them you will be able to view the caller's number.

Truecaller has a list of unwanted numbers based on a community of more than 250 million users worldwide and its app allows you to communicate securely without having to answer anonymous numbers from any call center or call numbers. advertising. For more information on this service, I suggest you read our articles that explore these services for both Android and iPhone.

How to record the stalker's phone call

Instead of rejecting the call, how about recording the call to use it as evidence in a complaint? If you think that the anonymous number is some malicious person who tries to blackmail you or to harass you by phone, you can safely make him talk and record the call. If you think that a cell phone can't record a conversation by phone, you're wrong, because there are some free services that allow it. We have talked about this on more than once. If you want to know how to record the call of your stalker, here are some effective methods.

The first service I tell you about is the one offered by Whooming which allows you to record the anonymous call with the paid service "Record the call with the stalker". You will be able to record the interview, save it in a file of the mp3 format and download it from the site.

If you have a phone Huawei, we wrote a guide on how to record a call from this device. To find out more about how to make recordings on most Huawei phones or in particular on the Mate 10 and Mate 10 Pro, read our guide.

In this other guide you will find out how to record calls on Android phones by installing a simple app on your smartphone. The free application for devices Androidallows you to record, with or without the interlocutor's authorization in the case of a harasser, incoming and outgoing telephone conversations and also save them in the formatmp3, creating an archive of recordings on the phone.

Finally you will discover in this guide how to record phone calls on iPhone.There are several third-party applications to download on the App Store that allow you to record calls on the iPhone without limitation. You'll find out which are the best free or paid apps currently in circulation that allow you to record a phone call with your iPhone.