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How to convert ePUB to PDF, PDF to ePUB, ePUB to WORD for free

If you have downloaded a free e-book from the web in ePUB, as you know this format cannot be read or viewed with native Chrome PDF applications or other softwarets. Furthermore, the e-book reader you are using only supports PDF format and you don't want to download another application just to read an e-book. Or he can access the opposite, to have a PDF file and want to turn it into ePUB to read it with specific apps such as iBooks, in this article we give you a suggestion on how to do convert ePUB to PDF and vice versa, but also to other formats.

Our best free solution to convert online ePUB in PDF, PDF in ePUB, ePUB in DOCX, DOCX in PDF and many otherswithout the need to download additional programs or applications Go4Convert. The conversions can be directly online without limitations and completely free. Follow the steps below for operating instructions for the online service.

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How to convert ePUB to PDF and vice versa online for free

  • Through your favorite web browser (eg Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc.), go for this link to open the site online Go4Convert. To convert online ePUB to PDF and vice versa there is no need to register or open an account. You can also use the tool for as long as you want without file size limitations.
  • On the main page, simply click on the red button Choose File(Choose File) located at the top left, then search for the EPUB user on the computer. Select the file and click on "You open".

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After the online file converter Go4Convertwill automatically load the file, after a few seconds convert the ePUB file in PDF format or viceversa. it is also possible to monitor the progress of the procedure by converting online ePUB to PDF, just do not close, update or reload the page while the document is still loading. The processing time varies depending on the size of the document, but as we said, very fast.

convert ePUB online to PDF 3Once the process is complete, the dialog "Save with name"Will appear on the screen. It will ask you to download and save the converted file. To avoid confusion, you can rename the converted file before clicking "Save". You can save the converted file on your computer in PDF format, but also in DOC, DOCS, TXT, etc.

As you can see, the procedure converts online ePUB to PDF and vice versa simple, fast and even free.