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How to check an Android phone if they tried to access it

If you are reading this post, surely you are among those who have suffered at least once a privacy violation on your device. If so, you're definitely trying to find out if the possibility existscheck if someone has tried to access your smartphone Android when you were not present. If you are among them, then you are reading it for yourself. It can happen, and it happens very often, after locking the device, people try to unlock it to access your personal content, maybe even out of curiosity to take a peek at the photos or some WhatsApp message.

This is a very annoying aspect, as if someone wanted to enter your private life. It would be useful at least to know who the person is trying to sneak into a more private part of your life. For this reason today I would like to show you a solution that will allow you to check an Android phoneand to learn about the person who tried to use, or only to access the smartphone without permission.

The fairly simple solution, just download an app that will check the Android phone subject to the attempted infringement. This app is called Third eye (third Eye in Italian) and performs an action when someone enters a wrong unlock code on the smartphone. The very simple operation and the application can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store. Continue reading and you will know how it works and what action it takes when someone is trying to break into your Android phone.

How to check an Android phone if someone has tried to log in

Third eye a very simple app to use and you can set it according to your needs. First you need to download and install the free app from the Google Play Store on your smartphone from the following link:


By starting the application, you can decide to set the number of wrong attempts after which the action that will allow you to recognize who is trying to access your phone will be activated. By default only one attempt is set, but you can adjust this data up to a maximum of five wrong attempts.check an Android phoneWhenever your phone's unlock code is incorrectly entered, a photo will be added, which will be visible both inside Third Eye that in the photo gallery of your smartphone. You can also decide not to save the photo in the gallery. This way you can view it only by opening the application. To change this operating mode, you must access the Third Eye settings. Consider the fool who does the person who tried to break your phone and notices that his image has been taken but cannot do anything to be able to delete it.

Among the other features provided by the app Third Eye, there is also the possibility of being notified of the number of wrong attempts that someone has made on your smartphone before entering the correct code. Furthermore, the app shows the last time the device was unlocked. In this way you will have total control of the device and the certainty if someone has used your smartphone by correctly entering the unlock code. In this case you will not have the photo of the attacker, because he did not make mistakes in typing the code, so you will know for sure that someone has used the smartphone without your permission. You will know, though, that someone who knew your code was a person close to you. In this case you can activate yourself by changing the access code. When you access the application, you will finally be able to see a history of attempts to unlock the phone, with the time spent using the smartphone for each access session.

There is nothing to say about this app. This is a great way to check who has tried to access your smartphone and keep the device under control even when you forget it somewhere, or you have to move away momentarily leaving the device unattended. Trust well, don't trust yourself better.

This app works well using the device administrator authorization ?Monitor screen unlock attempts? to detect incorrect attempts on the mobile device lock screen. Without the permission, the app may not work properly.

If at some point you want to uninstall the app, first deactivate the intruder detection function in the app and then uninstall the app. Otherwise, you can directly use the uninstall option available within the app.