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How to cancel an email sent with GMail

cancel an email sent with GMail 1There is no person who, after having sent an e-mail, would have liked to resume it to read it again, or modify something. Now with Gmail possible, by activating the button Cancel. Read on we will show you how to activate the button Cancel which proves extremely useful for cancel an email sent with GMail.

Why do you feel the need to have this function?

It also happens to the best of us. You write a work e-mail and meticulously check word by word, then attach the documents that must accompany the message and when you think it's okay, press the Enter button. At this point your e-mail address will send in the ether your message to never come back. If, after sending the email you realize you have done something wrong, or have not attached an important document, so far, you had to apologize to the recipient with another email correcting the error or attaching the missing document, but the most boring thing to admit to your boss that once again you have been able to attach all the documents. If you are a user Gmail, you are lucky. After so many years, Google finally entered the button Cancelin GMail. With a little tweak in the menu Settings It is possible to repair the mistakes made during the compilation of an e-mail and to cancel an e-mail sent with GMail, then attaching also the document that you had missed and sending the message again in the network.

How to activate the Cancel button

To activate the button Cancelwhich allows you to cancel an email sent with GMail go nelmen Settings while connected to your account Gmail via the web (and not on the mobile client).

cancel an email sent with GMail 2

The menSettings is obtained by touching the gear icon in the upper right corner of the screen and then selecting ?Settings?From the drop-down menu.

Inside the menu Settings select the tab "General"And scroll down until you see the section"Cancel Enter".

cancel an email sent with GMail 3

Select "Enable Cancel Enter?And then select the period for deleting emails. This is the time within which you can cancel an email sent with GMail and then correct it. At the moment the options are 5, 10, 20 and 30 seconds. If you don't have a specific reason, we advise you to select 30 seconds, in order to have more time if you should cancel an email sent with GMail.

Once the selection has been made, scroll to the bottom of the page Settings and click on the "Save Changes?To apply the changes made to your account.

How does the Cancel button work?

With the introduction of the new function that allows you to cancel an email sent with GMail, the nature of electronic mail does not substantially change. Actually the very simple operation: Gmail simply delays sending the e-mail an amount of time that you have set yourself, for the time being up to 30 sec., And a window appears inside which you also find the function Cancel,by clicking on this you can decide to cancel an email sent with GMail to be able to correct and postpone it.cancel an email sent with GMail 4

If you click on the buttonCancel within 30 seconds, the sending of the email is canceled.

cancel an email sent with GMail 5

If instead the set time (30 sec.) Passes without the key being pressed Cancel, only now the message is sent and can no longer be canceled as the email has already been transferred to the recipient's mail server.

This addition from Google is a good feature, but we hope that the preset time to delay the sending of emails is longer, to have more time for a rethink and therefore to cancel an email sent with GMail.