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Grooveshark: free alternative to Spotify

UPDATE: After a period of service suspension, Groovesharks returns in a new version and with a new graphic layout of the site.

Use often Spotify on your Mac or PC but do you want to listen to streaming music even on smartphones without paying the monthly pass of 10? In this guide I will tell you how to listen on your smartphoneall the music you prefer completely free, be it an iPhone or an Android device, or a Blackberry, a Nokia or Palm. The best solution I found after days of research Grooveshark, a service very similar to Spotify but that was not advertised as it deserved and therefore little known by users.

Grooveshark2 "width =" 480 "height =" 350 "srcset =" // 480w, // uploads / 2013/12 / Grooveshark2-150x109.jpg 150w, // 300w, // uploads / 2013/12 / Grooveshark2-198x145.jpg 198w "data-sizes =" (max-width: 480px) 100vw, 480px "/> The service offered by <strong>Grooveshark</strong>  similar to that of Spotify: millions of songs made available to users, with the possibility, after registering for free, to create customized playlists. But the great advantage offered by <strong>Grooveshark</strong>  the possibility of being able to listen to all the music you want even on smartphones, without paying any subscription.</p>
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