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Griffin Smartdeck, smart “cassette” for iPod

Among the many new features for iPods that are appreciated at Macworld Expo, one by Griffin Technology, SmartDeck, deserves to be mentioned.

The accessory at first sight appears as one of the many systems for connecting the iPod to the car stereo through a "fake" audio cassette that transmits the music played by the player to the players' heads. In reality Smarkdek also does something different, it checks iPods by sending the songs back and forth and stopping the audio playback using the buttons on the cassette player and the eject button.

The system on which SmartDeck is based is simple: the "fake" cassette detects the movement of the pins that transmit movement to the cassette in the car radio and causes the iPod to operate accordingly.

The cost of SmartDeck, which represents an economic and viable initiative for expensive car stereo interfaces, should be around $ 25 on the US market.

Griffin, also at Macworld, also presents Xpress Stand, a support for Airport Express that also functions as a signal amplifier, has a LED that signals operation and a system that allows better management of the cable connection. Again the cost should be $ 25.

In the context of the fair, Griffin also introduced TuneJuice, an additional iPod power supply system (equipped with a dock connection) that is based on a standard 9-volt battery with which you can have up to 8 hours of additional battery life. The products also include BluTrip, a Bluetooth transmitter to broadcast iPod music via wireless, and FireWave, a device that connects to the FireWire port and turns your Mac into a Dolby 5.1 surround system.

All the products are on display at the Expo. Technical specifications and further details can be checked on the Griffin Technology website.