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Google Stadia: launch undertone according to Sensor Tower and problems with Chromecasts

Google Stadia is not enjoying much success, at least according to the data relating to Android and iOS application download reported by Sensor Tower. These numbers are particularly significant, as the Stadia app is essential to configure the service and to proceed with the purchase of the games, so it is possible to say that the sum of the downloads of the Android and iOS version gives us a maximum limit of active accounts.

Obviously it is possible to download the app even if you are not yet in possession of an account, which is why these numbers have no absolute value, but merely provide us with an indicative data. As revealed by Sensor Tower (reported by GamesIndustry and shared on NeoGAF), it seems that the app has received only 175,000 downloads, of which the 90.7% occurred on the platform Android and the rest 9.3% on iOS. Furthermore, 41% of the total was made in the USA.

175,000 is certainly not an impressive number, especially if it is compared to those registered at the launch of other gaming platforms, which are capable of generating even 1 million units sold per day and in the immediately following hours.

There is also to say that Google has not yet fulfilled many of the orders made in recent months, leaving many potential players without the possibility of being able to access the service and therefore without giving them a valid reason to download the app. In addition, it appears that several users are complaining of overheating problems while using Stadia with Chromecast Ultra, even coming to the situation where the dongle is automatically turned off to avoid damage.

Probably the accessory was not designed to be subjected to the workload imposed by Stadia. A Google representative denied the existence of thermal problems, but the feedback from the players seems to indicate otherwise. In short, if this is not a false start, we do not know how to define it differently.