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Google Plus Stories, the holiday album is done in real time

Always take lots of photos, but don't have time to select the best ones? Now Google Plus takes care of it

(Photo: Getty Images)(Photo: Getty Images)

Great news at home Google thanks to the announcement of new interesting features for all users of Google Plus, among which the innovative stands outGoogle Stories.that will allow users to create photo albums of their holidays in a simple and intuitive way. In practice, Google Stories automates Automatic Dialing, the function introduced with Kit Kat that already allowed the making of movies with the photos and videos chosen by the 'user.

Google Stories, on the other hand, automatically selects the most beautiful images and potentially detected during a trip, to create a dynamic collection that is easy to view and has an attractive design, which reminds of applications like Facebook Paper and Flipboard. In this way, there will be no need to find time to select the best shots from the hundreds brought home from the holiday.

Google Stories

The Google Stories, available from browsers and mobile – initially only for Android, coming to iOS – will be created automatically when the user uploads pictures and videos of their holidays to Google Plus. The user will be notified 24 hours after his return from a trip and can decide whether to publish the history or keep it private. The algorithm will independently select the contents based on geolocation and strategic points on the territory reported by users: this synergy will also allow the automatic tag of cities, places of interest, hotels and airports.

In addition to Google Stories, the Androiddi Google Plus application will be updated with more space for photographs, tool for creating gifs , a new menu and renewed options for sharing. We look forward to trying out these new features and understanding what opportunities could arise for people and companies.


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