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Google News Initiative, $ 300 million for quality journalism

Google presents the Google News Initiative, a $ 300 million commitment in financing for publishers and startuppers to bring out and reinforce quality journalism and to exploit technology to bring innovation to newsrooms.

Google presents the Google News Initiative, a commitment from 300 million dollars over the next three yearsfor bring out and strengthen quality journalism is exploit technology to bring innovation to newsrooms. People go to Google to find reliable information that often comes from news sources and information industry organizations around the world. If the demand for quality journalism grows, its business model is put under pressure, just when tested all over the world are facing the challenge of the transition to digital.

Google News Initiative, $ 300 million for quality journalism

Written by: Philipp Schindler, Chief Business Officer of Google

This is an important topic for Google. After all, our mission of wanting to build a more informed world closely linked to journalism and information industry organizations around the world. Our shared mission is also reflected in common business interests. An excellent search engine and interesting YouTube results depend on a healthy ecosystem of publishers that produce excellent digital content. If publishers do not grow, neither will we grow. For this reason, only last year, we redistributed 12.6 billion dollars to publishers and we brought over 10 billion clicks for free on their sites every month.

Google News Initiative against fake news

For this reason, over the years, we have collaborated with the information sector to support the entire industry in facing the main challenges. We worked together to launch an open source tool like lAccelerated Mobile Pages Project, to improve the mobile web. We createdFlexible Sampling, to help discover new content on Google, and theGoogle News Lab, to offer editors specific training and editorial partnerships. Finally, we launched theDigital News Initiative, to innovate the entire information sector in Europe.

We have invested a lot of time and energy in these collaborations but the truth is that all our efforts may not be enough. It is becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish what is true from what is not online. Business models for journalism continue to change drastically. The rapid evolution of technology continues to cause difficulties for all institutions, including those in the information sector, which make it difficult to keep up.

Google News Initiative to encourage innovation in journalism

We need to do more. That's why today we launch theGoogle News Initiative (GNI), that is our commitment to help journalism grow in the digital era. Today, the launch of the GNI represents an important milestone in the commitment, which has lasted for 15 years, taken on by Google towards the information industry. The GNI will combine everything we do in collaboration with the industry – from products, partnerships, programs – to help build a more sustainable future for information.

The goal of the Google News Initiative

The GNI initiative is based on these efforts and strengthens our commitment to the sector that is facing a period of enormous changes in the way journalism is done, consumed and paid for. The GNI will focus on three objectives:

  • Bring out and reinforce quality journalism on our platforms
  • Enable new business models that support quality journalism
  • Enable information organizations to take advantage of technology to bring innovation to newsrooms

Google News Initiative to bring out quality journalism

In recent years we have collaborated with publishers to bring out accurate and quality content, as well as to stem the flow of misleading information and misinformation.

On our platforms, we focus on the fight against disinformation, especially in times of breaking news. Malicious people often target breaking news on Google platforms, increasing the likelihood that users will be exposed to inaccurate content. We have therefore instructed our systems to recognize these events and to adapt our signals to more authoritative content. Also on YouTube there are similar challenges, and we are also adopting a similar approach, highlighting in the "Top News" section only relevant content from verified sources.

However we are also working directly with industry organizations to combat misinformation. WithFirst Drafttoday we presentDisinfo Lab, an initiative to combat misleading information and misinformation during political elections or in case of breaking news. Not only. To help users understand so true and what not on the web, we worked together at the Poynter Institute, Stanford University and the Local Media Association to launchMediaWise, a project dedicated to the United States and created to improve the digital media literacy of younger users.

Google News Initiative: Improving business models to support quality journalism

In the last 10 years we have collaborated with companies in the information industry to grow their revenues from online advertising. We have used our advanced skills in machine learning forautomatically bring out key insightslinked to revenue opportunities (generating recommendations worth more than $ 300 million in additional digital revenues) and supporting the creation of better and faster advertising experiences for the mobile web through AMP and native ads.

Google News Initiative: users willing to pay

However,users are willing to pay for digital information, a factor that creates an opportunity to further increase revenues beyond advertising. Today we are making it availablean idea born last yearwhich allows publishers to diversify the flow of revenues. We are happy to introduce youSubscribe with Google, a tool that allows people to easily subscribe to different newspapers, helping publishers to engage readers, both on Google and on the web. The goal we want to achieve with Subscribe with Google is to facilitate the sign-up process, so that more readers can use the news made by publishers, as quickly as possible.

google news initiativeGoogle initiatives for publishers

In October, during oursPartner Leadership Summit, we updated the editors on our latest experiments based on Google data, machine learning and the DoubleClick infrastructure to find new ways to grow their subscriptions. We are still in the early stages of testing a Propensity to Subscribe signal based on machine learning models within DoubleClick that will make it easier for publishers to recognize potential subscribers and offer them the right offer at the right time.

Obviously, not all publications have the resources to create a team dedicated to collecting, analyzing and understanding data.News Consumer Insights, our new Google Analytics-based dashboard, will help information companies of all sizes understand and segment their audience with a subscription strategy in mind. This project has led to the St. Louis Dispatch increasing the views of the registration page by 150%, and it tripled the purchases of new digital subscriptions month after month.

Take advantage of technology to bring innovation to newsrooms

We work with newsrooms around the world to develop and make available technology that can improve editorial efficiency, creating engaging storytelling experiences and protecting journalists from around the world from cyber attacks.

For example, we used our natural language process API to help Hearst Newspapers sort, label and categorize over 3,000 articles every day.We also collaborated with the South China Morning Postto create, through the use of Google Earth Studio, immersive experiences in VR that show the evolution of Hong Kong over the years. With AMP Stories, now in beta, publishers can combine the speed of AMP with the immersive open storytelling of the web. This is only the beginning. We want to continue working closely with publishers to enable them to experiment with new ways to reach the public and produce high-impact storytelling.

Today, we also present Outline, an open source Jigsaw tool that allows organizations to create their own servers to provide reporters with more secure access to the web. Outline makes it easier for organizations in the information world to create their own VPN on a private server without needing special technological skills.

Google's commitment to publishers with the Google News Initiative

We will allocate 300 million dollars over the next three years to achieve these goals. We are also increasing our commitment to build products that meet the most pressing needs of the information industry. In the past, we've already done this by working side-by-side with the industry by creating product work groups, which have led to projects like AMP and the Digital News Initiative. We will expand this model globally.

The commitments we take with the Google News Initiative, reflect the fact that, for Google, information is a fundamental priority. We know that success can only be achieved if we work together. We look forward to working with the information industry to build a more solid future for journalism.

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