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Google, in 2016 a new Nexus 7: Huawei will do it

After Nexus 6P the Chinese house could also build the new 7-inch tablet of Mountain View. Expected release for 2016

The mini tablet format brings luck to the Mountain View home. The gadget that marks the debut of Android 4.1 produces Asus and a success, also due to a very aggressive price. (Photo: Google)(Photo: Google)

Huawei will still be Google's partner for the construction of the next smartphone wanted by Mountain View. The Nexus 6Assembled from the Chinese house in fact still fresh from the shelf, but they are already flaking first advances on the new version of Nexus 7, the tablet that (together with Amazon's first Kindle Fire) opened the doors of success to the Android operating system also in the tablet category. And according to the rumors gathered so far, the construction of the new gadget could be entrusted to Huawei.

Apart from the name of the manufacturer, to be honest, nothing is known about the device, except that it will come out next year. In all probability will be presented during Google I / O, the company conference dedicated to developers and always showcase for new services and products: if this were the case, the announcement would take place in late spring.

The two previous Nexus 7s were built by ASUS and have achieved good success thanks to a competitive price and convincing performance – a result that was difficult at the time to obtain but nowadays quite common. therefore probable that the collaboration with Huawei tries to bring something more on the plate; to find out more about waiting for the next corridor entries.


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