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Gmail is updated: support for dynamic emails arrives on Android and iOS

Gmail updates up Android is iOS with an interesting novelty: the support to dynamic emails. But what exactly does a dynamic email offer and why is it better than a traditional one?

The main difference lies in the possibility of inserting interactive contents that follow the rules of the classic AMP pages, therefore it will be possible to display emails in which all the elements allow to carry out actions such as registration to an event, reply to a comment, management of a subscription and much more.

Here on the side you can see an example through one of the GIFs published by Google on the support page that announced the extension of this feature. In fact, Gmail has long supported dynamic emails within its web client, but now this will also be possible on Android and iOS devices.

Among the other unique features of dynamic emails we point out the possibility of updating the content present within them. For example, an email containing the price of a particular product could automatically update to show the most recent one, thus allowing the user to buy it directly from the message, without having to go to the site.

In short, dynamic emails are certainly an interesting turning point and their distribution on the main mobile platforms will facilitate their spread. Although Google has confirmed that the update is being distributed, it could take even up to two weeks before it is available to everyone; we should probably wait mid-December. Recall that recently Gmail and other Google services have also begun to be integrated into Outlook.