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From Google to Facebook, offline features on apps that are always connected increase

More and more services are working to make their main functions available even in offline mode, to solve network coverage problems

(Photo: Getty Images)(Photo: Getty Images)

For someone the possibility of log out from the network represents an escape from the stress of emails or notifications, but for many lno connection ends up turning into an insurmountable barrier that keeps you away from things to do and the ability to communicate with others. To overcome problems like a weak or completely absent Wi-Fi coverage, more and more services are working to make available a version of your features in offline mode.

First among all Google, which recently allows you to download the most useful data from the Google Maps mobile app, to use them even without a connection available (it also seems that big G is working to optimize your Chromebook by making features like offline available email is calendar).

For those who are unable to do without documenting every moment of their day with a status on Facebook, the social network has just updated its iOS app with a feature that lets you write your own posts even offline, and publish them automatically as soon as the smartphone connects to the network.

The future of offline connectivity it seems only at the beginning, and we are destined to hear about the Multipeer Connectivity Framework technology, thanks to which a smartphone can communicate with other devices even without the need to connect to the Internet, using – for example – a local network as support. Are you curious to experience it? Then you can Download apps like FireChat or Hellochat on your iPhone!


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