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From Germany: Nvidia-Apple agreement

From Germany: Nvidia-Apple agreement

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Nvidia would have concluded an OEM agreement for the supply of chips to Apple. The confirmation arrives for now from Germany and to be precise from the German newspaper Heise which in its version on the Internet claims to have had precise indications in this regard. To confirm the stipulation of the contract the German press agency that deals with treating the public relations of Nvidia. Waiting for confirmations in this regard, which perhaps will not arrive before ten days in the MacWorld Expo, it can be said that the news does not come unexpected. Macity has supported this thesis for at least a week, or since the GeForce producers made official the support of the Mac world with the GeForce MX chip. The mid-range processor appears to be tailored to fit a home range machine such as iBooks or requiring low power consumption such as PowerBooks or iBooks. Given that these computers do not have the possibility of using additional cards and that it is very difficult to hypothesize that Nvidia has ventured into such an expensive enterprise as the production of a chip with Mac hardware support without having had any warranty from Apple , the only credible hypothesis remains an OEM agreement with the Cupertino company. By leaving Macity users reading the news and considerations posted this morning and in recent days, we would like to remind you that the transition to Nvidia, if confirmed, would represent an important achievement in terms of image for Apple. The GeForce MX processors are 33% more powerful than the Rage 128 and should not be far apart in terms of performance from the Radeon that Ati is going to release in a few weeks. In addition to this, Nvidia's products enjoy great credit with the consumer audience, an aspect not to be overlooked when it comes to promoting a product that must also conquer the PC market. The announcement of an OEM agreement with Apple would be missing for complete the strategy in the 3D sector only the option to build to order for machines with PCI and AGP. Being able to choose between an ATI or a Voodoo 5 (or maybe some card version with GeForce2 GTS) would be an option that would help to stimulate the production of games and software that make intensive use of 3D

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