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Free 3D movies: the best sites in Italian to download from

Who replaces the old TV, surely buys one that supports the 3D technology, favored by the cost now accessible and already equipped with at least two polarized glasses in the package. The only obstacle that stands between us sitting on the sofa with glasses and watching 3D movies is the further purchase of a Blu-ray player and of course the DVDs containing i stereoscopic film format. Well, a nice expense. Surely you are wondering if possible download 3d movies for freefrom the internet, copy them to a USB stick, insert it into the USB port of our TV, start the movie and the game done.

free 3d moviesIt is really a great comfort; in this way you save a lot of pennies. Well, the affirmative answer, it is possible to find on the net also films in MKV format, the file format usually used by stereoscopic films. But a 3D film can also be of several GB, so a good ADSL connection is recommended and a good dose of patience while waiting for the download to complete, which is generally divided into piparti.

The best sites to download free 3d movies

Below we will provide you with some sites where you can find free 3D movies in Italian that are compatible with the 3D movie format. Of course you are aware that downloading non-legal films from the Internet because it violates copyright, so if you do, you will be responsible for any legal consequences.

free 3d movies 1 a site with a wide variety of recent films, taken from 3D Blu-Ray DVDs. The choice of large and high quality films.

NOTE:the website has been closed.

free 3d movies 2 a site that proposes films to be viewed in direct streaming or to be downloaded. In the search bar you can search for the numerous films in 3D format also recently released on Blu-ray.

The black corsair

free 3d movies 4

The black corsairit does not need a presentation, the most famous movie site to download via torrent, which has also made available movies in high quality 3D format. From the search bar type 3D followed by the name of the movie you want to search. You will be provided with links to download quickly via torrent.