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FIFA 14 or PES 2014? Future perspectives of an eternal debate

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<p>Thursday 19 September comes out <strong>Pro Evolution Soccer 2014</strong> followed on 27 September by <strong>FIFA 2014</strong>. Ergo starts an annual debate between the purists of the two factions: <em>FIFA</em> or <em>PES</em>? I, as a lover of <strong>RPG</strong>, I refrain from taking a clear position and I limit myself to offering innovations and prospects for the next virtual soccer championship. The overall improvement seems evident from the demos already presented for each console, but to you the final judgment.</p><div class=

Looking first PES (without taking any position in this way), we start with a new combination of graphic and physical engine. This combination promises both visual and sparks (the polygons of the faces are increased tenfold, the balloon model will be completely separated from the players' animations and these they will be even more fluid, we will also witness the great return of the grass in 3D) and concreteness (it will be possible to pull the meshes, now also separated from the player, the characters will have a center of gravity and physical balance to perform the feints and balance).

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<p>Interesting novelty the <strong>Motion Animation Stability System</strong> (M.A.S.S.) that will manage the contrasts: instead of the predefined animations, the <strong>M.A.S.S.</strong> it will give us adequate contrasts to a series of parameters including direction and intensity of the action, strength and mass of the player. Second novelty will be the function <strong>Heart</strong>: support from fans and teammates will be crucial. Players will react heterogeneously according to the game situations, in fact if they are whistled they will react more or less effectively according to their personality, coming to ask for change in extreme cases.</p>
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<p>Heavy improvements in the reasoning ability of virtual opponents emerge: the defense will be difficult to penetrate, always organized so as to close the ball carrier, possibly with doubling and advances. The counter-attacks will no longer be a safety goal like in the past, thanks to the cold blood of the opponents who will come back not at random, but compacting and pressing on the ball carrier. The movements of the individual players have also been improved and made more consistent with the real models: try to take the ball away at a <strong>Messi</strong> or a <strong>Pirlo</strong> and then you will tell me.</p>
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