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Facebook has anti-Snapchat ready

According to the Financial Times, the arrival of the Zuckerberg group in the messaging world could even occur within a month

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<p>After getting the phone hung up on his face in his $ 3 billion acquisition attempt, it is possible that Mark Zuckerberg has developed some personal resentment towards Snapchat's founders, Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy. In any case, his goal does not change: to expand his empire with <strong>an ephemeral messaging app</strong> to be added to (and maybe in the future to integrate with) Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. IS <strong>Slingshot</strong>, slingshot, the code name that the developers are already using internally to define the new app.</p><div class=

Difficult to think that the reference is of biblical type (Facebook certainly more a Goliath than a Davide), but also implausible that Slingshot will be the definitive name of the app, given that there is already a software that is called so on Google Play and App Store . At the moment little or nothing has leaked of the app's design and functionality except that, like Snapchat, will focus on simplicity and speed: according to the sources of the Financial Times, the model will be that of TapTalk, where users will find it "Hold a profile photo of a contact to instantly send a photo or a short video, visible only to the recipient".

Although not yet clear, the system could be directly integrated into Facebook similar to what is already happening with Messenger, but to know it you don't have to wait long: if Zuckerberg gives the final clearance to the landing in digital stores, Slingshot could arrive on smartphones of all within thirty days.


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