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Facebook à la Shazam, now recognizes songs, movies and TV series

An audio recognition system will allow us to share in a few seconds what we are watching or listening to

The new Facebook audio recognition system

Latest from Menlo Park: Facebook presented a new recognition and sharing systemof songs, films and television programs, which will be made available in the coming weeks – initially only in the United States. Simple operation: those who decide to activate this option on their owniOS or Android smartphonewill be able to use the microphone to identify which song is playing next to him, or the program broadcast on TV at that time.

So far the functionality he doesn't stray far from the well-known Shazam, but obviously not finished here. After recognition, the content will be attached to a status update, in the form of a preview 30 second audio for the songs and information sheet in the case of television series or films.

This is the latest version of a type of post that has long been available on the social network, where people can accompany their thoughts to a pre-set set of moods or activities. They have been shared more than 5 billion in the last year, word of Facebook.

In summary, if you are watching the pilot of Silicon Valley and you want recommend it immediately to your TV-addicted friends, you can do it without pressing pause. Beware of spoilers, of course.


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