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Expo on the horizon

Expo on the horizon

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MacWorld Expo is approaching and keynote fever is rising. Once again, Jobs' introductory speech will be the main event of the event and also the most crowded. At the moment, of course, no details are known about what Jobs says in his keynote but many are certain that new hardware products will be announced. Anyone who may not be in the US or does not intend to spend the million lire ($ 445 to be precise) will to register for the event, you can follow it via satellite. Yesterday, in fact, Maccentral spread the news that Apple, unlike some of the past keynotes, has decided to spread the broadcast. At the moment the technical details are not yet known, but on the Apple website they should appear soon. The speech will begin at 9 am New York time, or at 15 Italian time and its duration could be a couple of hours. Macity and MacProf will be there in force to offer the public and Mac Italian users the best coverage of the event of all time. In this regard we will provide details shortly.

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