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Eaton Ups, energy protection

Launched five new UPS models to offer a truly complete range that can meet the energy management needs of all Eaton companies a company for the management, distribution and control of energy and provides energy efficient solutions to help customers manage effectively electricity, (…)

Five new UPS models have been launched to offer a truly complete range that can meet the energy management needs of all companies

Eaton is an energy management, distribution and control company providing energy-efficient solutions to help customers effectively manage electricity, hydraulic and mechanical energy. Eaton has recently launched five new single-phase products and three new three-phase models, both modular and centralized, as well as having updated its top-of-the-range Ups for large systems: Power Expert 9395. The basic principle that guided the entire engineering was filling the gap between energy efficiency and scalability, between reliability, ease of maintenance and efficiency. .

The Eaton UPS guarantee a high input yield for a lower consumption, and use the Abm Eaton technology: the electronic battery recharging system that guarantees a significant extension of the duration of the same compared to the traditional methods of recharging and the parallel Hot Sync system Eaton for a perfect distribution of the loads, improving the quality of the energy produced and increasing the efficiency.The new 93PM Eaton units, with nominal power from 30 to 200 kW, combine cutting-edge energy efficiency, with vertical and horizontal scalability and redundancy. With these new Ups, IT professionals and data center managers can easily specify, scale and adapt their architecture to future changes, both in load requests and new reliability requirements. The 93E Ups offers excellent power protection for today's critical loads and in harsh environments because it is calibrated for continuous operation at 40C ambient temperature. This feature is fundamental in the process sectors, in industry, but also in telecommunications, in data centers or in healthcare. Unlike the 93PM realized in a classic centralized format, but always with great attention to exploit the spaces in the most effective way possible. It therefore represents the best possible solution for supplying any critical load due to its special features: maximum efficiency 98.5%, reduced footprint by 60% compared to other UPS of equal power, simplified maintenance thanks to completely frontal access, configurable battery strings for a maximum flexibility. In a few words it reduces the overall cost of management (Tco) thanks to a combination of energy efficiency, maximum reliability and compact footprint. All the new Eaton UPS have standard Intelligent Power Manager (Ipm) Eaton software, which is versatile and easy to use, fully compatible with all major operating systems and all popular virtualization platforms, including VMware vCenter, Microsoft Systems Center and Citrix XENCenter.