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Create stories on Google Earth, the new content tool

All users who use Google's service will be able to write stories and create maps

Creating stories on google Earth will be possible thanks to a significant change that Big Gsta brings to its platform, allowing the writing of content (maps and stories) to anyone who wishes. The function is an expansion of theVoyager program, launched in 2017, which then introduced guided tours by top storytellers, scientists and non-profit organizations, such as BBC Earth, Jane Goodall, Sesame Street and NASA.

These tours have combined text and images, including Street View and 360-degree video, to transport users to habitats around the world. Places where they could explore and learn.

To create stories on Google Earth there are new design tools of content that offers similar functionality, including the ability to select between Street View photos and 3D earth views when telling your story. You can also add placeholders, lines, shapes, photos and videos and write text in an editor advanced text, create slide title screens for full-screen presentations and more.

Example Google Earth stories

The resulting stories can be organized into narratives that will transport users from one place to another as they watch the presentation. The tools also support collaboration and the final stories can be shared with others through the integration of Google Drive. It could allow a group of educators, for example, to work together to build tours that complement their lesson plans.

stories on Google Earth

Users can also insert geometric shapes, 3D views taken from Earth and points of interest. And there are already the first stories like The Hudson River Tour in the United States, Visit Vicenza in a single day, The chronology of the Antarctic expedition of a Japanese art teacher. Stories can also be created in collaboration with other users. By clicking on the new 'Present' button, users will be able to navigate the places traced by the story.

Google states that the tools to create stories on Google Earth are already available on the Google Earth web app and projects can be viewed on mobile devices and tablets using the Google Earth mobile app for iOS and Android.