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Collapse of the tablets, they will remain afloat thanks to convertibles

IDC expects business volume to decline by 8% for 2015. Compact size on the decline, while the popularity of 2-in-1 solutions increases

(Photo: Corbis)(Photo: Corbis)

Is the tablet era already over? According to the latest data released by IDC s, at least as we know it. The company dedicated to market research has planned for 2015 reduction in the volume of business of this sector by 8% compared to the results achieved in 2014.

(Photo: IDC)(Photo: IDC)

Decreases the popularity of ultra-compact tablets at the expense of solutions above 9 inches, while it gains consents the detachable format, a horrible term for products with an optional keyboard that can be mechanically or magnetically attached to the display. According to IDC, this sub-category is even destined to keep the entire sector afloat, thanks to a growth in business volume that in 2016 compared to 2015 will be 75%. Nothing strange, if we consider that just a couple of months ago for the first time both Google and Apple have appended to Microsoft in proposing such a product.

The forecasts of the research company on distribution are therefore not surprising various operating systems: Windows, while remaining anchored to the third position, will still be able to conquer a significant slice of the market by 2019, especially at the expense of Android and thanks to a setting that is already strongly oriented to use with the keyboard and mouse.


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