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Chromecast app for iPhone and iPad: the best for videos and movies

Have you decided to use Chromecast for the TV in your living room but do you think it can only be used with an Android device? You're wrong, even as the owner of an iPhone you can make the most of Google's dongle to broadcast videos, movies, images and anything else from your smartphone's screen to your TV's big display. In this guide I will show you all Chromecast leappes for iPhone and iPad useful for broadcast videos and movies both from the iPhone's internal memory and from the Web, without forgetting the multimedia content on the PC. You will also be able to view photos from your mobile phone and computer, mirror the computer desktop and surf the internet.

The device Chromecastsallows you to watch movies and videos on your TV both in streaming and on a PC, using your Android phone as a remote control, but in this guide we will also see how to use an iPhone to manage this procedure. BeingChromecastsowned by Google, assuming that the privileged device for managing the dongle is an Android device. But iOS users can still use their idevice and make it talk to the Google device. Find out below the necessary procedure and apps to enable pairing.

Chromecast app for iPhone and iPad

Chromecast is a device that I highly recommend for anyone who loves streaming movies, because it allows you to eliminate cables and cables in the living room in the TV area, making any TV in Smart TV. But to be able to make this device work with an iPhone, you need apps to install on the device, here are the best ones.

Google Home

Chromecast app for iPhone

The first Chromecast app for iPhone and iPad that you should install Google Home, Google's official app to manage and install new Chromecasts. If you have just purchased a dongle and you don't know how to configure it, you just need to follow the steps recommended by this app to connect Chromecast to your wireless network. In addition to these features, Google Home allows you to immediately see the apps compatible with Chromecast in the App Store, so you can immediately know which app should be installed.

You can download this app for iPhone from the following link.

DOWNLOAD |Google Home

Video & TV Cast for Chromecast

Chromecast app for iPhone

One of the Chromecast apps for iPhone and iPad that you can use Video & TV Cast for Chromecast. This app offers a Web browser where you can visit streaming sites or sites that show videos to send them directly to Chromecast. Watching TV series and movies just released at the cinema on the new home TV will be a walk!

You can download this app for iPhone from the following link.

DOWNLOAD |Video & TV Cast for Chromecast

all cast

Chromecast app for iPhone

If you have videos or images saved on the internal memory of your iPhone or iPad you can play them on the Chromecast with the AllCast app. This app allows you to view photos in slideshow format and to play videos saved with the camera of the device directly on the TV in the living room. If you have downloaded movies or TV series episodes into the memory, you can play them on the TV using this app.

You can download this app for iPhone from the following link.

DOWNLOAD |all cast

Videostream Mobile for Chromecast

Chromecast app for iPhone

If you have many movies and TV series saved on your PC in the room you can play them on the TV in the living room using the App Vostostream Mobile for Chromecast. The feature of this application that, if the film or video is not compatible with Chromecast, performs a real-time conversion to reproduce the video correctly. To use it, you need to install an app for Google Chrome on your PC and index the multimedia content, then install the app on iPhone or iPad to interface with indexed content.

To download Videostream for Google Chrome you can use the following link.

DOWNLOAD | Videostream for Google Chrome

Once installed this application you can install the following mobile app.

DOWNLOAD |Videostream Mobile for Chromecast (iPhone and iPad)

More Chromecast apps for iPhone and iPad

If you are looking for other Chromecast apps that you can use on your iPhone and iPad that can show you streaming movies, videos on your TV set and broadcast music and images on the big screen, here is a non-exhaustive list but the most significant of the apps you can install on the your iOS device compatible with Chromecast. These apps can be installed on the Google dongle and communicate with your device.

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