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Call to action, the advice to do them well in Italian

Here I give you some advice for an effective call to action, with examples of call to action that work and useful information to understand the meaning of CTAs and use them for your marketing.

Here I give you some advice for one call to action effective. File, change, cut, add: the smaller the text, the greater the work of the copywriter becomes. But done one call to action that works, a call to action that works?

* by Valentina Falcinelli

Call to Action

People buy only when they are ready to buy. Maybe they are, but they don't know it yet and, then, a good one copywriter makes sure to take them by the hand and persuade them (with ethics, style, grace). The good copywriter mentioned above works in a strategic way, thinking not so much about the final macro conversion, but about all the small steps that will lead, or better, could lead the reader to perform the desired action (subscribe to the newsletter, buy a product, request information on a service, etc.).

Micro conversion, the micro copy becomes fundamental.

Call to Action meaning

All the small phrases contained in the site are crucial to make the slide of the conversion more fluid: headline, short texts preceding forms of contact, meta descriptions and SEO titles, invitations to the action contained within buttons and so on. No copy is left to chance, but each is treated meticulously. Obviously from the good copywriter.

All the others are limited to writing silly, empty and fillers Click here or Buy now. Of all the micro copy I could talk about, in this article I decided to focus on call to action. Yes, those click here and buy now that you happen to read those ten times a day at least.

Call to action examples

There are three major classes of CTA: positive, negative and neutral. Let's see together the differences that characterize them.

Positive call to action

The positive call to action, which then we should prefer, contains an important benefit. But not just any benefit: an attractive benefit for our audience. Positive call to action puts effort and action in second place; to the first, for the point, the value for the reader. And here are some examples.Start saving now.This call to action it could be inserted in the button of the download form of an ebook on energy saving, for example.Don't miss the best promotions of the month.This, however, could be perfect for an e-commerce newsletter.Yes, I really want to lose weightThis is a different example from the previous ones because in this case the speaking voice is not that of the company, but of the customer. In practice, copy makes the reader speak, creating that conversational atmosphere that is well suited to brands that choose to adopt a friendly and sparkling tone of voice.

Call to action neutral

The neutral call to action that which does not speak of benefits or special efforts to obtain this or that advantage. The classic example of neutral CTA Click here or Find out more.

When I speak of efforts, I refer to actions that involve the use of energy or important resources by the reader: for example, the compilation of a form that provides for the release of personal data or the purchase, or the most difficult final macro conversion (also from an emotional point of view, if we want).

Negative call to action

Finally c la negative call to action, so called because it puts the company and its interests first and only the reader in the final analysis. I am sure that by showing you some examples, you will immediately understand what I mean.Buy the video course now.Its obvious that the company is interested in selling its products, but the ideal would be to talk about the benefit of each of them. In this case it would be better to write something like Learn all the secrets of direct marketing.Sign up to our newsletter.Here too it is obvious that the company wants to lead generation. But why communicate only the efforts that the reader must make instead of the advantages that he will obtain by subscribing to the newsletter? Much better to say The newsletter for centaurs Doc like you, eliminating that of ours and putting the emphasis on the target (and therefore on the contents).

Call to action marketing

So, in summary, the best call to action you can write has these features:communicates dry and the benefits to the reader on time;put the reader first, then the company;prevents to use adjectives like our is my; use the tone of voice of the company, expresses clarity but can also be original.

And now, at work! I'm sure your sites deserve better call-to-action than a banal click here. Or not?

Call to action

Call to action translation

Cal to action literally means called to action, better translated, in this case, as an invitation to action. The term can be abbreviated as CTA. Wikipeda defines it as

Call to action (CTA) a marketing term widely used in advertising and sales. It refers to any device designed to solicit an immediate response or encourage immediate sale.

*Valentina Falcinelli: creative director ofpennamontata, an agency specialized in copywriting and content marketing, Valentina takes care of writing in all the sauces. Training included. Work with small and large brands to help them find their personality with words. Di s says: I can write without looking at the keyboard, but I can't look at the keyboard without writing.