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Call of Duty: Mobile, controller support and Zombie mode coming soon

As from rumor of a few days ago, finally the official arrives that Call of Duty Mobile will receive an update in a few hours rather important on iOS and Android, thanks to which the much sought after controller support will return (present in the beta), along with the new Zombie mode.

This is confirmed by the official Call of Duty Mobile account on Reddit, which in a post reports many details including the time of release, set for 21:00 PST (Saturday 6:00 am in Italy). The update will include new maps and, as confirmed on Twitter yesterday, the Zombie mode.

Activision was therefore by word, listening to the feedback from users who loudly demanded the return of controller support to iOS and Android. There is also talk of a new Battle Pass which will be available from November 25th, but now very little is left to the release of the update and in the next few hours we will know more. Finally, remember that Call or Duty Mobile has enjoyed great success on all available platforms, speaking of over 148 million downloads only in the first month.