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Buzzoole how the Influencer Marketing platform works

How Buzzoole works the influencer marketing platform that has achieved success in a short time. Gianluca Perelli, Chief Marketing and Country Manager of Buzzoole explains it.

Buzzoole how it works the influencer marketing platform that has achieved success in a short time? .l influencer marketing the most recent evolution of marketing. It is based on the existence of people who influence, advise, other corporate people in their choices. Buzzoole is an Italian platform that allows you to create influencer marketing campaigns. To understand what Buzzoole is and how it works, we interviewedGianluca Perelli, Chief Marketing and Country Manager of Buzzoole

* by Matteo Ranzi

So Buzzoole

In a marketing campaign to the communication activities of companies on owned and paid media should be added the collaboration with influencer to get attention, involvement and sales. But their action works only if they are competent, free in their own judgment and act transparently. Otherwise, the credibility that allows them to influence their communities is burned.How does Buzzoole work?In this scenario in which the markettes are banned, the only security for companies to sell useful and excellent products and services and get help in divulging the verb.Buzzoole ( has created a platform that unites beyond 200,000 influencers of any vertical, with more or less high levels of competence and reach, and make them available to companies through different services. For this I interviewed Gianluca Perelli, Chief Marketing and Country Manager of Buzzoole.

Buzzoole how it works

Every time I write Buzzoole, I never remember how many z o and l put. How on earth did a name come to mind like that?

True, a bit particular, but not Google too? Yet today everyone knows how to write it. Buzzoole buzz (buzz) pi Googol, the integer that can be expressed with 1 followed by a hundred zeroes that gave rise to the Google brand. Buzz the umpteenth power!

Buzzoole sure

In a short time you have made yourself known to over 200,000 influencers and thousands of brands. What marketing strategies have you adopted to achieve so much visibility?

A lot of commitment, excellent technology and the right people. Customer satisfaction is always the best possible strategy. When a brand through us it succeeds to involve the influencer more in line with its values ??and messages and to obtain correct, creative and original contents – in short, of value – it can only generate positive word of mouth. The rest then obviously does an excellent team, working however on a cutting-edge technological product. So in a few years we managed to gain the trust of investors and then of the foreign market: we have opened in the UK and recently in New York the intention to have new offices.

How much did the spontaneous word-of-mouth viral process count towards Buzzoole's speed of success?

Positive word of mouth always the best tool for promotion. so did we when we started, so much so that some of our members started to find themselves in informal contexts (like social groups) to discuss this new marketing strategy and the opportunities it opened up for content creators. Then the rest did the goodness of the offer.

Buzzoole how to become an influencer

We are all potential influencers, but we don't know how much. For which topics. Can Buzzoole give you an overview of your social influence?

Probably if you are an influencer you already know you are Seriously, Buzzoole allows you to to analyze in detail all the social profiles and blogs of influencers registered on the platform providing useful data such as: topics of greater influence, daily average of posts, engagement rate and much more.

If I speak in 90% of my car time and only 10% of food, I could be more influential on food. Why?

Because the public reacts more to your food-related content. If I publish 10 posts a day on cars, but I don't get likes, comments, shares, it means that my audience composed of people I can't influence or don't show interest in that subject and therefore can't influence them .

Buzzoole influencer maketing

2018 seems to be the year of the creators and micro influencers who do not have a huge social following, but a strong penetration in restricted communities. Why?

For two reasons: the first is that this range is more accessible to small companies that do not have huge budgets to invest in advertising. The second is that these influencers are hyper specialized in specific niches and this makes their messages more effective if they try to reach a very profiled audience.

Buzzoole technology

In addition to the ICT brands, Digitalic is aimed at thousands of operators in the sector, including technology retailers. What can Buzzoole do with all these players?

Exactly what it does for all the other verticals. Find the right people to talk about the products available at these retailers and put their own value. This can be an image of impact or a particular text, the story of the moment of purchase or the additional services used, according to the creativity of each. As always, it involves involving, through our algorithm – combining big data, image recognition and Natural Language Understanding – profiles of influencers registered on the platform, identifying the topics of influence and ensuring the maximum degree of affinity between them and the brands that wish to carry out Influencer Marketing campaigns.

Is it possible to establish the ROI (a limiting concept that I don't like) of a marketing campaign by understanding how much the individual influencer generates in terms of sales?

Through the analysis of referrals and tracking codes applicable to campaign posts, on Buzzoole it is possible to establish the origin of the conversions and therefore the Roi of the campaign.

Buzzoole how you earn

The payment logic of influencers pay per post, pay for performance or other?

Influencers are paid by post, this means that they are commissioned a certain number of content per channel (social media, blog).

Buzzoole and the "markette"

If an influencer makes markette his credibility becomes equal to that of a brand, therefore almost nothing. How do you avoid this phenomenon?An influencer who makes explicit his collaborations with brands does not necessarily make markette. On the contrary, users appreciate transparency and sincerity. Of course it is important for Buzzoole that the influencer chooses to sponsor products and services that are targeted with its contents and with the audience so as not to distort the relationship of trust with its community.

The future of Buzzoole

Your next step?

We are working to strengthen and make the marketing team up to a company that has international ambitions. The plan involves hiring, investments and significant product releases. Soon there will be many, many new features.

Buzzoole how it works

Gianluca Perelli, Buzzoole's Chief Marketing and Country Manager explains how Buzzoole works