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Belkin, here are the new iPod accessories

New series of Belkin products in view of Macworld. The American company, specialized in accessories and connectivity solutions, launches several versatile and comfortable products on the market, designed to promote the mobility of the user who owns the Apple reader.

Link for Digital Cameras and iPodThe Digital Camera and iPod Link allows you to store digital photos on your iPod quickly and easily, without having to worry about having used all the camera memory. In fact, with this new portable device you can easily transfer thousands of digital photographs from the camera onto the iPod and free up space on the card to make other photographs. Recommended price 99.90 euros

TuneBase for iPod miniThe TuneBase for iPod mini is a support equipped with a jointed steel neck, to ensure easy positioning of the device, as well as safe and comfortable driving. The TuneBase can be inserted into any cigarette lighter socket. When docked to the TuneBase, the iPod mini is powered and charges simultaneously. The TuneBase also features a 3.5mm jack, which allows it to be used with both the Portable Cassette Adapter and the Belkin TuneCast FM Transmitter (not included), for high quality audio through the car radio. Recommended price 44.90 euros

TunePower Rechargeable BatteryThe TunePower Rechargeable Battery for iPod and iPod mini allows you to continue listening to music, even when the internal battery is low. the ideal solution for long journeys by plane, car or if you do not have access to an AC outlet. It offers up to 10 hours of additional operation. The TunePower equipped with three enclosures of different sizes, suitable for all iPod and iPod mini with dock connector, and a charge level indicator to know when the batteries are low. Also equipped with a detachable DC / FireWire cable that lets you simultaneously charge both the iPod and the TunePower. Recommended price 99.90 euros

Universal Microphone RecorderThe iPod turns into a digital recorder. With the Universal Microphone Recorder you can connect any audio microphone with a 3.5 mm plug to the iPod to record notes, lectures, interviews or conversations. Given the large capacity of the iPod, it means that you can save and listen to hundreds of hours of audio, or copy them to your computer to make changes or send them by e-mail. Recommended price 39.90 euros

Belkin also presented an aluminum mini iPod case with neoprene coating and a flexible wrist strap (recommended price 29.90 euros) and an armband (Recommended Price 24.90). Both cases keep the iPod controls visible and allow it to be used easily. They are also equipped with a revolving belt hook to ensure maximum comfort while on the move.