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Ballmer leaves, Microsoft chasing a CEO

Steve Ballmer left Microsoft. Now a commission of 9 essays (including Bill Gates) are looking for a new CEO: you bet on Elop (Nokia CEO)

Steve Ballmer left Microsoft. The CEO of the software giant left the company suddenly. In its place it is rumored that the current head of Nokia could arrive: Stephen Elop. Although the release had been announced with a statement, things have precipitated (here Steve's official letter). In the official communication it was announced that Steve Ballmer would leave the company within a year with a slow handover. Just a week after this news, the CEO of Microsoft packed up and left. At this time, Microsoft is not a single boss but 9: a committee (which includes Bill Gates) who leads the company in the absence of the CEO and who also has the task of finding a replacement quickly.

Sales performance of tablets and PCs (source IDC)

Among the various causes that led to an unexpected exit, there was also a reworking, or at least a cooling of relations between the two historic Microsoft leaders Bill Gates and Ballmer himself. In the letter with which he leaves the company Ballmer does not cite or thank Bill Gates with whom he has worked for decades. Even Gates in the official announcement almost does not mention Ballmer and does not celebrate (as one might expect) the friend who axes after so much time and so many successes. As a member of the succession committee you will work with the other members to identify a new great CEO. We are fortunate to have Steve in this role until the new CEO takes on the job, and it seemed a little soon after having shared so much for so long.

Ballmer and Gates together, until recently

What compromised Ballmer's position was probably the stock exchange. In 1999, when he took office as CEO, stock market capitalization was 600 billion dollars, the day of his exit was 270 billion. Despite profits having grown, investors had the feeling that Microsoft has lost some fundamental trends in technology. The change that more than any other has affected Ballmer's reputation for the PC market crisis and the exponential growth of tablets and smartphones as a tool for internet access, social networks and content consultation Financial Times, on its website, he published a collection of Ballmer's famous phrases that in 2007 said Theres no chance that the iPhone is going to get any significant market share. No chance. (there is no possibility that the iPhone will gain a significant market share. No possibility) Now the most difficult choice is up to the commission of the 9 essays. For bookmakers the other candidates could be Sheryl Sandberg from Facebook (listed 33/1), Twitter founder Jack Dorsey (40/1) and even Apple CEO Tim Cook (100/1).