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Back to Flappy Bird: it will be multiplayer and (they say) will not be addictive

The creator of the app announced the launch of the second smartphone version. It will be multi-player and – promises – will not cause addiction

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<p>She's coming back. Happy Bird is coming back. The app's creator, Dong Nguyen, announced to CNBC <strong>the upcoming (re) launch of the smartphone game</strong> that had made millions of players go crazy. Will most likely arrive in August e <strong>will be multiplayer</strong>.I think many of you have already put your hands in your hair imagining your social life fading. But you can rest assured, the new version is said  <strong>will create less dependency</strong>.</p><div class=

For those unfamiliar with Flappy Bird – do they exist? – the game briefly this: must fly a little bird by pressing the screen repeatedly through a path formed by pipes on which the poor beast inevitably collides and dies, the only way to save it from getting a crisis by clicking quickly and repeatedly on the bird.The game is not easy and has created a very high dependence among the players. so much so that the Vietnamese revolution that had published it – at the peak of success and 1 euro of advertising – earned 50 thousand dollars a day.But Nguyen failed to support the consequences of the addiction created by his app: people started writing emails and tweets in an increasingly excited and hysterical way.


Nguyem had no emotional stress and in February he hadretired lapp, only to reconsider after having taken note of the amount of clones that were born and, in the absence of the original, enjoyed some success.

In any case: brace yourself, Flappy Bird is coming.


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