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Apple, the iPad Pro comes in the week

The Cupertino mega tablet in the starting blocks: the release scheduled for this week, the pre-orders open Wednesday

(Photo: Apple)(Photo: Apple)

The fire test for iPad Pro is approaching. After rumors that were coming for the 11th of this month, the official announcement from Apple arrives: the extra large tablet presented during the event last September will finally arrive in half-world stores (including our own) entrovenerd, for the first time in the role of pursuer.

In its original incarnation dated 2010, in fact, iPad has not only reinvented an entire category that had previously fallen into disgrace, but has also been able to generate an infinity of imitations more or less successful on the part of any manufacturer in the sector. The Pro version for another thing: with a 12.9-inch screen, an additional nib and a magnetic hook-up keyboard as accessories, it is much more like the concept of a Windows or Android hybrid than an Apple product.

The difference will have to be the quality in the realization because the price, as usual, is high: the basic version, 32GB and only Wi-Fi connectivity, costs 919 euros; the most evolved with LTE modem and 128GB memory comes to 1249 euros. To these we must eventually add the price of the Apple Pencil nib and the Smart Keyboard – di 109 and 179 euros. The pre-orders will open on Wednesday.


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