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Apple deletes product reviews from the official website

Apple has eliminated reviews of the products inserted by users in the official online store. These are elements that can influence, both in evil and in good, the choice of buying a particular good or not, and this explains the emergence of phenomena such as false reviews that are propagated through known online platforms – think for example to the spread of the phenomenon on Amazon, on TripAdvisor or in the Play Store.

There Cupertino home has decided, at least for now, to give a clear cut to these contents. The first reports in this regard have been circulated in recent hours starting from the US, English and Australian markets: the change seems to date back to the end of last week, as can be seen by consulting the site cache. Between November 16 and 17, the "Ratings & Reviews" section – was located in Italy with "User Review" – has been removed from the card of each product.

The section it is no longer present even in the Italian site of Apple which, for the moment, does not clarify the reasons for this choice.

We can therefore only advance some hypothesis: the Cupertino house may have simply decided to remove one little used section – by looking at some cached pages, one can see how in some cases the reviews were scarce and dated. Or, to think ill, the provision may have been motivated by the need to clean up pages that hosted many negative reviews. One case may be an example: the Lightning to 3.5 mm headphone adapter had an average rating of 1.5 out of 5 and 735 1-star reviews out of a total of around 900.

Whatever the reason, for now, users looking for opinions and impressions on Apple products will have to find them elsewhere. This is not the first case of reviews that have disappeared: at the end of October about 22 million disappeared from the App Store, but in that case Apple explicitly confirmed that the event was caused by a bug.