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Apple and Microsoft, keyboard and stylus to make friends again

After 30 years of frost, the two companies' historic meeting rivals Wednesday's keynote. Why?

Apple PencilThe bitten apple fades, the window appears. it was a passage in its historical way, when on the stage of the Bill Graham Auditorium for a moment there were logos of Apple and Microsoft: the archenemies, the white and the black, the ying and the yang, the good and the evil (depending on of points of view).

In fact it happens that, at 7:36 pm on 9 September 2015, in the midst of the presentation of the iPad Pro, when talking about the brand new nib that Steve Jobs so horrified, Phil Schiller is approached by Kirk Koenigsbauer, Corporate Vice President of the Office division of Microsoft. The public remained for a moment speechless, aware of the uniqueness of the moment.

Koenigsbauer, in jeans and shirt, illustrated the potential of the Microsoft program for the iPad Pro's 12.9-inch display: a bit of research, copy-paste operations, fluid movements with the Pencil, some Power Point sketches. Then disappeared behind the scenes.

Is this the most important novelty of the Apple keynote? Maybe not, but if you think about it, it makes sense, both in terms of business and communication, for both companies. Microsoft, which is pushing its Office suite more than ever, credited itself as Apple's top partner and cleared the app and brand for Apple's tough fan audience. With the tablet's hardware and new multitasking features, Office Touch can become the fundamental app for productivity.

Apple has somehow admitted the debt of technological gratitude towards Redmond for two elements introduced in the iPad Pro that Microsoft first launched on tablets: the pen and the keyboard. Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard (with its connector system at the terminal) are the key accessories of the new maxi iPad, which make it something more than a tablet and bring it closer to the concept of quality tablet-pc, or similar laptop, or 2-in-1 introduced by Microsoft with the Surface and that Apple has always looked with enough. Our competitors are confused, said Tim Cook a few years ago:they transform tablets into PCs and PCs into tablets.

Self Apple teams up with IBMand Cisco for enterprise solutions, Satya Nadella's policy is leading Microsoft to focus more on software and infrastructure than on hardware: just yesterday Redmond announced a partnership with HP and Dell, which become Surface dealers. And yesterday the circle of gifts closed at a higher level: "Thank you guys", seems to say Apple, "Of course we will do better, but you came first and we like your cross-platform apps". With Microsoft answering: "On products you are number one, but leave us things like Office".Significant words of Schiller (These guys know about productivity) and of Koenigsbauer (exciting to be here today).

Another technology taken from Microsoft that of Live Photos, new function of the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus camera. With a tap you activate an option to view the photos in the form of minivideo, consisting of the second previous and the one after shooting. Just like in the Lumia smartphone camera.

It makes no sense to go further with the imagination, also because the relations between the two giants have always been of rivalry, but also collaboration (For one thing, in 1995, Microsoft bought Apple shares for 150 million dollars, helping to save the company from its darkest period). But at least formally, the thirty-year-old chill seems to have disappeared, also due to the incompatibility between Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.


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