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Apple AirPods: shipments doubled in 2019

The shipments of Apple AirPods in 2019 will be double those of the previous year, reaching 60 million units. The estimate made by Bloomberg (find the link in SOURCE), and based on sources inside Apple, it would be partly attributable to the success above expectations AirPods Pro, the most sophisticated and expensive model of Cupertino's wireless headphones that was released on the market in late October.

According to the entries collected by Bloomberg the request for AirPods Pro it is very high, and it stands pushing Apple's production capabilities to the limit and its partners. Currently in fact the waiting time to buy the new ones directly from the Apple website true wireless and of two or three weeks.

In general, the wearable sector has become a increasingly important element in driving Apple's growth. If in the last fiscal quarter the iPhone revenues fell to 33.36 billion dollars from the 36.8 billion registered in 2018 (HERE more details), the sales of wearables and accessories generated an income of 6.52 billion dollars, up 54% over the previous year.

The dizzying increase in sales of wireless headsets in Cupertino was also determined by the release, in March, of AirPods 2 (which we reviewed later in April). According to the data provided by IDC, in Q2 2019 Apple it was already reconfirmed absolute leader in the sector, with a large advantage over competitors holding over 50% of market share (Samsung, to say, occupies second place with a share of 10.2%) and a growth on an annual basis of 218.2%.

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