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Antivirus for smartphones, watch out for fakes

The complaint of Kaspersky Labs: fake antivirus, paid or free, make their way into app stores

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<p><strong>Beware of imitations</strong>, especially when it comes to apps. Kaspersky Labs recommended it in a statement released a few hours ago, which puts the accent on the age-old question of <strong>clones of legitimate products</strong> present in the digital stores of mobile OS. In particular, the Muscovite software house reports the appearance of fake copies of its antivirus in the windows of Windows Phone and Android.</p><div class=

The first hosted an app called simply Kaspersky Mobile, for a fee, but in fact never developed by the company: at the moment it seems there is no trace left, and probably already been removed from the store. On Google Play the situation changes little with Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2014, which is no longer present, and which did not even require payment for the purchase. According to Kaspersky Labs, the solution to the problem is up to store managers, who have so far been guilty of not having sufficiently supervised the quality and originality of the software present on the digital shelves of their stores.


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