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Also in Ireland comes the iTunes Music Store

Access to Ireland has been extended with regard to Apple's digital music.

After almost three months of delay the Irish were satisfied, including from Cork, the town where Apple's European factory is based, with 99 euro cents they too can buy protected AAC files for songs encoded by Apple for listening via iTunes or on iPods.

The Irish were certainly not happy with this exclusion from the second tier of European nations to which Apple had "given" the exceptional instrument of the iTunes Music Store.

MacityNet had heard in October the opinion of the largest Irish User Group on the issue and in fact we had been confirmed that nobody expected to be part of a "third band" of euro area countries.

The Irish Music Rights Organization, or the local SIAE, had vetoed the online usability of the service in Ireland, evidently in recent months APple has worked to reach an agreement.

Currently from the homepage of the Irish site of Apple the reference to the section iTunes still brings to the British page, but in iTunes in fact the flag of Ireland present and the jukebox regularly working for the owners of the requirements of Irish identity.

We still don't know if the Irish music selection is different from that of the iTunes Music Store UK. Some British sites simply list the 700,000 songs for sale and the 8000 audio books, but it is plausible that the list is identical, even if with the prices (much cheaper) in euros.

It should be noted that the home page of the iTunes Music Store in Ireland, which is different from the British one, is definitely focused on the island's very rich music scene. In the foreground there are, in fact, local musicians like U2, Damien Rice, The Thrills, The Pogues and the Corrs.