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Almost complete work

Almost complete work

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Epson is preparing to release four new printers and four scanners on the European market. Printers target both the consumer and mid-range market. In particular for the low end it is the Stylus Color 580 (1440 Dpi, price around 300,000 lire) which will have the characteristic of being fully controllable via software; Stylus Color 680 (2880 dpi, "intelligent" consumption control system that recognizes the level of each color tank), price around 600,000 liras. The high end of the printers will be characterized by the presence of the Stylus Color 880 and the Stylus Color 980 whose prices were not disclosed. In the Epson scanner sector, however, the Perfection 640U (600-x-2,400dpi resolution), the 1240U Photo (1,200-x-2,400dpi, 42-bit scans, transparency adapter) was released. ) and the 1640U Office. All scanners will be USB and will guarantee speed and accuracy. The presentation of all these products is scheduled for the Apple Expo in September.

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