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7 best DJI Spark alternatives you can buy

When it comes to drones, only a few can match the level of sophistication that DJI brings to the table. This time, the world's largest consumer drone maker managed to outperform themselves, as the company launched its first mini drone, which even smaller than last year's revolutionary Mavic Pro drone. It's called DJI Spark and equipped with innovative intelligent features that make it the easiest to fly.

Although DJI Spark is a turning point, the asking price of $ 499 may disappoint some consumers who can't wait to buy a mini-drone that is affordable. This price tag is more suited to professional drones than a mini drone. So, you might be interested in looking for a much cheaper mini drone elsewhere. Well, we'll help you with that. Let's take a look at 7 best DJI Spark alternatives you can buy

1. Yuneec Breeze 4K

At first glance, the Yuneec Breeze looks like a higher version of the DJI Spark. It may not have all the smart features of Spark, but it works where it matters most. Yes, as you can guess from the name, Yuneec Breeze capable of record 4K video at 30 frames per second . Well, this something that DJI Spark misses completely, as it can only record up to 1080p. The Breeze equipped with a 13 MP camera that can take pictures at higher resolution than the Spark's 12 MP camera.

Yuneec Breeze also has one good dose of smart features . These include five automated flight arrangements like Pilot, Selfie, Orbit, Journey and VisionTrack, so you can sit back and relax while the drone is doing all the heavy work. Just like the DJI Spark, the Breeze with propeller guards that can only be considered a last resort in the event of an accident. Breeze can assure you a flight time of maximum 12 minutes, which is considerably less than the 16-minute flight time offered by Spark. However, the wind can affect the Spark's flight time.

The drone is priced at around $ 375 which is considerably lower than what DJI asks for its latest drone, and that's exactly why we consider Breeze to be the best alternative to DJI Spark.

Buy from Amazon: ($ 374, 99)

2. Holy Stone F181

While the Holy Stone F181 cannot boast smart features like the DJI Spark, le compact size e transparent force us to compare it with the newest and smartest mini drone on the market. Don't underestimate for the drone, as it boasts a video camera capable of recording at 720p HD with 6-axis gyro stabilization that's pretty good for the asking price.

Intended for beginners, the Holy Stone F181 model equipped with a security system with key return and without head which prevents pilots from losing their drones. It has a decent flight time of 8 minutes and a maximum range of 100 meters awesome for the price of $ 110 . The drone has recently been updated with one altitude maintenance function, which makes it an even more tempting affair. If you are a beginner who just interesting in trying drones, the Holy Stone F181 certainly one of the best you can start with.

Buy from Amazon: ($ 109, 99)

3. Hubsan H501S X4

This is certainly one of the most attractive drones on this list, especially for the features it contains in its price range. The golden accents on this drone, in particular on the black variant, can surely transform some heads when you pull them out to fly. The drone boasts different smart features such as headless mode, follow me, homecoming, maintaining the GPS position and maintaining the barometer altitude, which you can't expect from a drone in this price range.

It's not just the smart features that we were impressed with, as the Hubsan H501S X4 can record Full HD 1080p video at 30 frames per second, just like the DJI Spark. With a flight time of 20 minutes, clearly exceeds the 16 minute flight offered by the latest DJI drone. Furthermore, the flight interval exceeds about 300 m, which cannot be compensated by many other drones in this segment. With a price of around $ 265, there is no doubt that Hubsan H501S is a mouth-watering affair for almost all beginner pilots who are looking forward to buying a new drone.

Buy from Amazon: ($ 264, 81)

4. Parrot Bebop 2

Parrot is one of the leading mini-drone manufacturers, usually targeting the budget segment, where people are eager to buy their first drone. Bebop 2 definitely one of the best drones for beginners you can buy, equipped with a 14 MP camera, capable of taking pictures with a higher resolution than the DJ MP 12 MP camera. The camera can record video at Full HD 1080p, just like the Spark. 3-axis image stabilization on the drone is a welcome addition to ensure your movie is stable.

The unreliable Wi-Fi connection, which often falls, one of the main negative aspects of the Bebop 2. Having said this, it offers a maximum range of 300 meters and a flight time of over 20 minutes, which easily exceeds the Spark . At $ 499, it certainly costs as much as DJI Spark himself, but remember that Bebop 2 equipped with controller and FPV headphones . If you wanted to buy DJI's FPV glasses, you would have to shell out another $ 449 than almost the cost of the drone itself.

Buy from Amazon: ($ 499)

5. DJI Mavic Pro

Seriously, what could be a better alternative to DJI Spark than their flagship drone last year? At launch, Mavic Pro crowned the entire industry and completely changed the way drones were to be used. Of course, the Mavic Pro is bigger than the Spark, but his folding design shaves the Spark. Even though it's bigger, you can put Mavic Pro in your pocket, which you can't do with the Spark. Apart from this, exceeds easily the their last drone in terms of video quality, but it is to be expected, considering that it is more a professional drone for the price.

The Mavic Pro boasts one 12 MP camera in Capable of recording movies with 4K resolution . The cardanic suspension on the Mavic provides the 3-axis stabilization while the spark is limited to stabilization only with 2 axes. Considering that this is a DJI drone, you can expect almost every single smart feature that the company's new Spark drones, like the ability to avoid collisions and return home automatically using the GPS signal.

With a flight time of approximately 27 minutes, significantly higher than that offered by Spark. All in all, the Mavic Pro surpasses the Spark in almost all aspects, except for its size and price. For a price of almost a value, you could buy two Sparks for the price of a Mavic, but keep in mind that you're getting a much better drone in terms of functionality. So, if you have the money and you're looking for a more professional mini drone, the Mavic Pro is by far the best.

Buy from Amazon: ($ 978)

6. AirSelfie

A drone that smaller than today's smartphones . How beautiful can it be? Well, the AirSelfie, as the name suggests, is mainly a drone to make selfies, but we wanted to compare it to DJI Spark for its minimal size. Destined to replace the selfie sticks in the near future, the AirSelfie drone capable of taking pictures at 5 MP, but can also shoot Full HD 1080p video . Now we're talking. Sure, DJI Spark can do it better, but can you carry it in your pocket? Absolutely not.

The flip side of the coin, the 3 minute flight time Most users disappoint, but that's the price you're paying for a drone that can sit directly on your smartphone with a case. That said, this case also serves as a portable charger, so once you run out of juice, you can hook it directly into the case to start loading right away. As for use, you can connect the drone to the phone and completely check what you shoot via Bluetooth.

Buy from Amazon: ($ 319)

7. Parrot Mambo

now that you guys meet the cheapest drone on this list. This is practically a toy drone, which is mainly aimed at children who are interested in flying drones. We are putting it against the DJI Spark, for two reasons, size and price. As might be expected, the drone is even smaller than the DJI Spark. Submit a flight range maximum of about 60 meters it's a flight time of 9 minutes . Use Bluetooth 4.0 LE to connect to your smartphone for complete control over the flight of drones.

Because a toy drone, equipped with autopilot technology, so the drone will remain stable and float in the air, even if you don't have the controller in your hands. In addition to this, the toy aspect of this drone includes the ability to shoot cannonballs and lift light objects with the help of a titular attack. The flip side, equipped with a disappointing 0. 3 MP camera that can only take pictures. That being said, for a price of around $ 98, this is probably one of the best mini drones you can buy for your kids.

Buy from Amazon: ($ 97, 12)

The best DJI Spark alternatives you can buy

As mentioned before, the DJI Spark is probably the best mini drone you can buy at the moment, but asking for the price will disappoint most of us, because it costs as much as the DJI Phantom 3 drone that comes with 4K functionality. With several competitors offering similar features in a compact size for a much cheaper price, we are obliged to take a look at the alternatives. So, if you think DJI Spark is out of your reach and you want to buy a drone on a budget, these are the best you can find. So let us know once the decision is made, simply by dropping a few words in the comments section below.