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10 best Google Pixel C Accessories

There is no doubt that Google Pixel C is one of the superb devices ever launched by Google, which combines the best features for a multi-purpose hybrid tablet with Android technology. In addition to quality, the specifications are also up to the mark, giving you enough confidence to tackle resource-consuming activities. And, needless to say, you would get the latest Android experience in the most fluid form, allowing you to get the best results from your efforts.

Despite everything, your Google Pixel C would be more or less limited if you don't use the appropriate accessories. For example, you may need some special gadgets or additions if you intend to use the hybrid tablet for office use. in the same way that you also need other accessories. In this post, however, we have created a list of the ten best Google Pixel C accessories you can buy.

1. Google Pixel C keyboard

Well, we have the first accessory from the same manufacturer: Google. As the name implies, the most effective and effective way to turn your Pixel C into a portable office scenario. Once the keyboard is hooked to your Pixel C, everything will be ready to be launched in a few seconds. The keyboard offers various viewing angles, ranging from 100 degrees to 135 degrees. Furthermore, once connected, the keyboard acts as a good protection for the tablet screen, as both are held together. Speaking of connectivity, both charging and connecting are wireless, so you don't have to mess up the wires. When we get to the keyboard, he claims to provide a natural typing speed and a better layout at the end. Overall, an accessory that is worth buying, we bet.

  • Price : $ 149
  • Where to buy : Google Store

2. WaterField Pixel C SleeveCase

Sometimes, mostly in an office setting, you need a nice and durable case to carry your Google Pixel C! In that case, WaterField Pixel C SleeveCase is a good option that you can try. As in terms of appearance, the very elegant case; You can count on this when you are going for an official event or already there. made using a neoprene hybrid and a ballistic nylon shell. This means that the case can guarantee basic protection in various cases and, being a gadget that has been dedicated to Google Pixel C, you will not have compatibility or non-assembly problems. Another superb aspect of WaterField Pixel C SleeveCase you can choose the comfortable orientation / finish and the color of the strap if you wish. Despite everything, the price is quite cheap.

  • Price : $ 59
  • Where to buy : official site

3. ProCase case for Google Pixel C

Another case on our list of the best accessories, ProCase Google Pixel C Case is a good companion for Pixel C of yours when you want to ensure both handling and appearance. The most suitable black version, there are brown and red variants of the ProCase Google Pixel C Case available for purchase, at the same price. Of course, there are some features that matter in the long run. For example, the magnetic closure of the case will be very useful when combined with the hybrid construction of leather exteriors and microfibre interiors, for this reason. In addition, there is a dedicated space for connecting the charger, so you can charge the device without removing it from that sleeve. In addition, ProCase has included an extra pocket for document management and all. Overall, for the price you pay, fantastic.

  • Price : $ 15, 99
  • Where to buy : Amazon

4. Skinomi TechSkin Pixel C + Skin screen protector for the whole body

So, for those who use the tablet PC in an approximate way, here is an impressive screen protector from Skinomi, which is a trusted mark when it comes to this type of products. What should be noted that Skinomi TechSkin Pixel C Screen Protector + Full Body Skin is not a typical screen protector. On the other hand, along with the screen protector, you also get a body protector, which acts as a sort of protective case. And the best part that, despite the fact that the skin of the body has an aluminum color, is the one hundred percent transparent screen protector, thus offering the best visual experience when you have worn it. Therefore, when you open the package, you get a brushed metal protection film, a screen protector and the installation solution to do things without any kind of residue. You also have a lifetime warranty from Skinomi.

  • Price : $ 14, 95
  • Where to buy : Amazon

5. Inateck Type C to enter a female adapter data cable

Inateck Type C to Type A Female adapter data cable a nice accessory for your Google Pixel C when you need to manage some USB powered devices. As you know, you can use this adapter to connect USB type A devices like a common USB via the type-C USB port. Speaking of the cable, it offers a data transfer rate of 5 Gbps and an impressive 5 V / 900 mAh. It should be noted that the type A female USB port is compatible with all USB standards, including 3.0, 2.0 and 1.0. So, no matter if you want to connect a keyboard or a double USB, this adapter would do the job, we bet.

  • Price : $ 7, 99
  • Where to buy : Amazon

6. Type A USB to standard USB plug-in cable

So, we have this Google cable as another fantastic accessory for your Google Pixel, made with a compact design and portability in mind. The best part you might be able to use is the connection and recharge accessory at the same time. The length of this USB Type-A cable to standard USB A of one meter and we find it extremely convenient for charging. Well, for one, a product that Google has made with the conformity to all the updated standards of USB Type C. Therefore, you won't have to be upset by the claims related to problems of functioning or incompatibility.

  • Price : $ 12, 99
  • Where to buy : Google Store

7. Navitech black Fine Point active digital stylus pen

Well, we accept the fact that Google Pixel C has a fantastic touchscreen, which is more than enough to fulfill many purposes. Having said that, however, you need a stylus to have an easier way of writing, scribbling or for other purposes. In this case, the Navitech Active Digital Black Fine Point stylus pen is a product that you can count on and is fully compatible with Google Pixel C. The stylus was made with Fine Point technology, thus ensuring the maximum precision of the devices capacitive touch of the screen. Furthermore, the design is more than a pen and, therefore, you get a better management and writing experience. Navitech has also included the Active Active adjustable technology, which allows you to adjust the nib, for better results when drawing. No Bluetooth connection or anything. You can connect it and start using the stylus. Overall, given the reasonable price, good to go.

  • Price : $ 29, 99
  • Where to buy : Amazon

8. ProCase Folio Case in Google Pixel C leather

If you are looking for a multipurpose protection solution and an accessory for your Pixel C, a good choice for the Folio ProCase Google Pixel C leather case, made specifically for the hybrid tablet. As the name implies, a leather case means that you can close the cover when you are not using it. Once closed, the Folio leather case ProCase Google Pixel C designed to offer 360 protection, with many other features. For example, there are intelligent features, dedicated space for documents and your cards. Furthermore, this case can conveniently be used to provide a good visual experience, positioning it in the right way. Other obvious features of the accessory include magnetic closure, premium composition, etc. In addition to the availability in black, brown, blue and red.

  • Price : $ 15, 99
  • Where to buy : Amazon

9. OMOTION Google Pixel C Tempered glass screen protector

As you will know, there are different types of screen protectors you can choose, and those in tempered glass are designed to offer you the best possible protection, as it's more like another screen on the device screen. If you don't mind adding bulk, you can try the Google Pixel C OMOTION tempered glass screen protector, also featuring 9H hardness. Furthermore, the whole design of the crystalline protector, which means you don't have to face problems with sharp vision. Despite having a standard hardness of 9H, which literally protects the screen from all types of scratches, the thickness has been reduced to 0, 26 mm, which is impressive. Furthermore, the oleophobic coating eliminates fingerprints, stains, etc. And it also guarantees a better cleaning process.

  • Price : $ 12, 59
  • Where to buy : Amazon

10. Reversible Type C USB Reversible Cables

If you don't want to use Google's bit-expensive USB cable, Cambens USB Type C Reversible Cable is a good choice you can make. Basically, this is a USB type-C type A USB cable and is based on the USB 2.0 standard. You will be able to use Cambus reversible USB Type C cable for a variety of purposes, such as charging and transfer with others, such as docking. The impressive recharging part, as it is possible to obtain a fast charge at a maximum speed of 2, 4 A. Speaking of the construction, the company used 100% authentic materials to stage the Cambob USB type C reversible cable and every part of the cable was protected by a variety of threats.

  • Price : $ 10, 99
  • Where to buy : Amazon

Well, are there any other Pixel C accessories that should be on the list? If so, let us know through the comments.