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Yahoo !, soon overtaking: more mobile than desktop traffic

The growth of smartphone and tablet traffic is driving

(Photo: Getty Images)(Photo: Getty Images)

Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo since 2012, has clear ideas on the issue: by the end of the year mobile users will surpass the number of desktop users. At New York's TechCrunch Disruptive, Mayer said the company registers today 430 million users from tablets and smartphones (increased by 43% in one year) and 700 million desktop users. If the percentages remain the same, the forecast and that in the next 8 months the growth of mobile traffic will grow by 60%.

We already knew the attitude of Marissa Mayer for furniture. And the data confirm this: when he joined Yahoo! the team dedicated to this sector was composed of 60 people, today it counts more than 500. Moreover it had not gone unnoticed the emphasis given to the apps, from Flickr, to Yahoo Mail via Yahoo Weather. Last but not least, Gemini, a unified mobile search and advertising service.

Adam Cahan, head of mobile in Yahoo! He admitted company delay in this sector and foresees results that can be monetized closely. A strategic choice, that of investing in mobile, which is rewarding Yahoo !, but which has some flaws on other fronts. Indeed, the rapid growth of this sector is accompanied by an advertising policy that is still weak, especially with respect to Twitter and Facebook.


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