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WWDC 2014: Swift, the new programming language for creating iOS apps

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<p style=A novelty that surprised everyone a bit WWDC 2014 was the presentation ofSwift, a new programming language created by Apple which it replacesObjective – Cin the development of applications for iOS and Mac. Swift It was presented as an innovative Cocoa Touch programming language for Cocoa, which aims to make app creation more interactive and fun, making the syntax more concise and expressive. And to make the transition from Objective – C to Swift less tiring, Apple allows written codes to be cooperated with the two programming languages.

A modern programming language

Swift the result of a lot of research on programming languages, combined with decades of experience in creating applications for Mac and iOS. The syntax and also the new APIs are clearer and easier to maintain and mark a point in favor of Swift, allowing new people to approach the world of programming thanks to a clearer syntax than Objective – C. Without entering into technical difficulties neophytes of programming, in summary Swift it allows to write code in a simple and fast way, moving away from the old school of object-oriented programming, which offered a strong typing of data and which had as its only result a heaviness in the reading and maintainability of the code (see Java).

If you are a developer or a person you want to get close to the knowledge ofSwift and learn the basic concepts of this new language, Apple has created a 500 page book, excellent as a starting point for creating apps for iOS and Mac. You can download it from iBook Store for freegoing tothis link. For detailed information I suggest you read the official Apple documentation, full of examples and tutorials, which you can find atthis link.