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With Burn, burn audio, video and data to Mac for free

There are so many ways and numerous applications to burn CDs and DVDs. Burn a simple application for burn to MACOS X simple but full of advanced features and not least, absolutely free. It does everything the other software does, and some extra features that other programs don't have. The original software in English, its interface was completely translated into Italian.

Keep the files and share them

With Burn you can burn files to disk so you can access them later. You can also choose different filesystems so you can share files with different operating systems.

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<h2><span class=Manage music files

With Burn you can create standard CD audio discs with ease. Just drag the audio files to the Burns audio list. If you want to have more music files on your disc, you can burn them so you can create discs with MP3 files. If you want to have higher audio quality, no problem, Burn can create DVD-Audio discs, which can contain increasingly high-quality files.

Burn offers advanced options like CD-Text and mp3 tag editing to customize your disc.

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<h2><span class=Share your movies

Made your own movies, do you want to share with family and friends? No problem. Burn can create a wide range of video discs. From VideoCD to DVD-Video discs, and even DivX discs, to insert more than one video on the disc.

If you are interested in the software, you need to connect to the Burne Internet site by clicking on the itemDownload Burnlocated at the bottom right.Burn absolutely free and open source.

Burn the application to burn on Mac not certified by Apple and to start it will be necessary to allow the execution of applications from non-certified developers (just hold CTRL, start the app and press Open).

Requirements: Mac OS X 10.3.9 or higherPowerPC or Intel Mac