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Wind is also ready for eSIM on the iPhone

After the rumors about TIM and Vodafone, according to which the eSIM coming, which should work with the new RAZR and also with iPhone and iPad, Wind should also propose a virtual SIM soon.

Some Wind customers with the Wind All Digital 50 Test Edition offer would be the possiiblit to activate an e-SIM option. Specifically, the website reports, going to the section of the new customer area to request the replacement of the SIM in case of failure or loss, customers with Wind's test offer may be able to select a Standard SIM or an eSIM.

Some customers would have the possibility to select the eSIM item, while in the icon with the question mark reported the following company communication: The eSIM a virtual SIM that allows you to download and use on your device the selected tariff plan. Once purchased you will receive an email with all the instructions necessary to configure it on your device and immediately start calling and browsing.

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The Wind All Digital 50 Test Edition offer (here the direct link) can still be activated and customers who join the initiative get the offer with unlimited minutes and 50 Giga for 4.99 euros a month, for 12 months from activation, in which participants will constantly receive questionnaires via SMS to provide feedback on their experience.

Not to be excluded, as explained by Mondo Mobile Web which reports the news, that that relating to the operator's eSIM could be only a test screen for future implementations of the Customer Area.

The eSim, we recall, in practice a digital SIM based on a programmable chip that allows you to activate a cellular plan with your telephone operator without having to use a physical nano-SIM. To enter the eSiM you buy a code that is activated by the QR reader. At that point the game played and the eSIM activated. On the back of the virtual smart card will be reported the classic information such as the ICCID serial code, the MU code (the code for the first marketed eSIM should be R014), the PIN and PUK codes and the phone number associated with the card.

Among the advantages of eSIMs: the possibility, for example, of using a personal number and a job number, adding a local data plan when visiting another country or geographical area, having a telephone plan and a separate data plan.